Toronto And GTA Home Sales Slowing Down Again [REPORT]

While the first two weeks of home sales in July appear to be on a weaker track than in June for the Greater Toronto Area housing market, sales are showing some year-over-year improvement across most home types throughout the region.

GTA Cities With The Highest And Lowest Property Taxes

While affordability and mortgage costs are typically top of mind for home buyers, property taxes can be a significant carrying cost that’s often overlooked.

This Toronto Luxury Condo Is So Hot It Doesn’t Need Hype

While some developers launch expensive campaigns reliant on jumbo billboards and flashy advertising, others take a more refined approach — particularly those appealing to the luxury market.

Toronto Is Running Out Of Commercial Real Estate And Has Record High Rent

Toronto is actually the most constrained industrial market in North America, with only 2.2 per cent availability. And given its central location and demographics that appeal to both foreign and local companies, it keeps getting tighter.

GO Transit To Allow Leashed Dogs Their Day With New Pilot Project

Go Transit is going to the dogs — for now at least. From July 20 to Oct. 15, Metrolinx is launching a pilot project that will allow you to bring a maximum of two leashed on its GO trains.

Hotel X Definitely Marks The Spot: Welcome To Luxury In Toronto

The newest luxury hotel to land in Toronto is right by the Waterfront and ready to steal your heart — as it did mine.

Site Seeing With Hume: Toronto’s 'Micro-Condo' Smart House Gets Its Grade

Though billed as the city’s first “micro-condo,” Smart House, under construction on Queen St. just west of University Ave., is more likely to become known as that medium-height tower with the balconies made of red glass.

Toronto Road Closures To Watch For This Weekend

After the crazy traffic from the Honda Indy last weekend, it would be nice to have a closure break. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

TTC Subway Closures: 4 Stations Shut Down On Line 1 This Weekend (Yes Again)

We made it through one weekend, Midtown Toronto, we can do it again. The Eglinton Crosstown LRT has tried and failed once again to stop commuters with Toronto subway closures.

10 Free Things To Do In Toronto This Weekend

This weekend is a free Toronto weekend, not just because there's not a car race taking over downtown, but because there's a myriad of free things to do this weekend for a ton of new experiences.


What Canada’s Average House Price Will Buy You Across The Country

Canada’s average house price cannot even buy a three-bedroom home in half of the country’s 50 largest cities.

Bank Of Canada's Stephen Poloz Suggests Buying A Smaller Home, After Hiking Interest Rates (Huffington Post)

The governor of the Bank of Canada, Stephen Poloz, had some advice this week for Canadians facing higher housing costs thanks to the Bank's interest rate hike: Just buy a smaller house.

Toronto Leads Canada’s Greatest Gain In Home Sales This Year 

According to a report from the Canadian Real Estate Association, in June, Canadian home sales rose at the fastest pace this year.


‘The Brady Bunch’ House Is For Sale — But May Be Torn Down

The Brady Bunch is iconic. So is this home. It served as the exterior of TV’s beloved family show and is now for sale. The home just hit the market and is selling for $1.885 million (U.S.).

Toronto Artist’s L.A. Mansion Is Selling For $8.869 Million. Step Inside …

Have you ever heard of Betty Moon? Well, you won’t forget her after you take a stroll through her mansion. And the Toronto-based L.A. artist is clearly doing very well for herself. Especially considering she bought this estate in 2014 for $3.54 million (U.S.) and is now selling it for $6.75 million (U.S.).

Inside Lady Gaga’s $23M West Village Hideout (NY Post)

Lady Gaga recently hid out for a few weeks at a landmarked West Village townhouse while recording a new album.

Asian Renters Can Afford Twice as Expensive Homes as Black Renters in U.S. (World Property Journal)

Based on a new rental housing report by Zillow, rent options for black renters were far fewer than what Asian or white renters could choose from last year. Black renters could afford less than a third of the rentals that white or Asian renters could afford in 2017.


Millennials Choosing Cryptocurrency Over Real Estate

A growing number of Millennials feel more at home with cryptocurrency than with real estate. According to a poll of 3,065 Millennials, by Get Living, a UK-based developer, 21 per cent of UK Millennials prefer cryptocurrency to real estate.

Behold The Most Expensive House In The Entire World: Antilia

The most expensive house in the entire world is practically big enough to be its own world — and of course, it has its own name: Antilia.

How To Boost Your Value Proposition Internationally (INMAN)

Showing international agents (and their clients) what your locale has to offer can lead to more sold listings and international referrals.

China And France Build On Relations With New Eco-Tower (Forbes)

As the United States engages in a trade war with China, French-Chinese relations are proving more and more noteworthy for their contrasting approach to international trade.