Difference In Total Interest Charges Between 25- And 30-Year Mortgage "Astronomical"

​Zoocasa calculated how much the average monthly mortgage payment would be in 20 cities across Canada.


"Supported By Fundamentals": TD Doubles Down On July Interest Rate Cut

After Statistics Canada (StatCan) released its most recent gross domestic product (GDP) figures on April 30, Canada’s big banking players – BMO Economics, CIBC, and TD Economics – weighed in, predicting that a deceleration of the economy in Q2 would result in a long-awaited cut in interest rates come summer.


Sign(ing) Of The Times? Many Young Canadian Adults Co-Own Properties With Their Parents

If you were born in the 1990s and own real estate, there’s a good chance you’ve had a little help from your parents.


Huge Number Of Would-Be Homebuyers Holding Out For Interest Rates To Drop

​According to the BMO Real Financial Progress Index, a huge number of aspiring homeowners are waiting for interest rates to drop before entering the market.


A Rate Cut Won’t Save You (Or The Housing Market)

“If what we’re looking at is housing affordability, then… an interest-rate cut is merely going to fuel the market further still — and that’s going to be across all Canadian markets."


When Will Rates Drop? It Depends On Who You Ask

What many Canadians may be unaware of is that fixed interest rates have already dropped 75 basis points from their peak last fall.


Mortgage Delinquencies Surge 135% In Ontario, 62% In BC

Canada-wide, mortgage delinquency rates have risen more than 52% over a 12-month course, new data from Equifax shows.


“Dead On Arrival”: CMHC Ends First-Time Home Buyer Incentive

An update provided on CMHC’s website confirms that the incentive is being “discontinued,” and notes that the deadline for new or updated submissions is March 21, 2024.


Renewing Your Mortgage in 2024? Here's How To Prepare

We spoke with Clay Jarvis, a mortgage and real estate expert at NerdWallet, to discuss what Canadians can do to prepare for a mortgage renewal in 2024.


Inflation Accelerated In December. What Does That Mean For Interest Rate Cuts?

"The Bank of Canada’s job is getting inflation under control. When there’s a setback like this, that should realistically postpone any possibility of a rate cut."​

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What Experts Are Saying About Real Estate, Interest Rates In 2024

Forecasters say that 2024 will bring long-awaited interest rate cuts, some semblance of mortgage relief, and perhaps a more eventful spring housing market.


Interest Rates Slipping Below 5% For Some Mortgage Offerings

After many months of sky-high interest rates, some lenders are offering five-year insured fixed-rate mortgages at slightly more appealing rates.