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Updates To RentSafeTO Include More Inspections, Steeper Fines

Toronto City Council approved a series of “updates” to RentSafeTO last week, and among those were new parameters for city inspections, a more hands-on system for tenant complaints, and increased fees for non-compliance.


BC Property Owners Group Seeking Judicial Review Of Short-Term Rental Legislation

The petition to the Supreme Court was filed last week by the West Coast Association for Property Rights, also known as the Property Rights Association of BC (PRABC).


This Property Management Group Brings Innovation To A Growing Rental Market

​From what started as a management company for Pinemount Developments' own rental buildings, Holt Meadow has grown to a contracted-out property management service.


If The Feds Want to Help Renters, The Budget Must Take Action On Open Banking

According to Andrew Graham, co-founder & CEO of Borrowell, Open banking would help level the playing field for renters, allowing them to build credit with rent payments.


Canadian Rents Flatten In March, “Weighed Down” By Declines In Vancouver And Toronto

“As population growth slows with caps on non-permanent residents and supply increases as rental completions continue to rise, rent growth should continue to moderate towards more sustainable levels.”


Pinemount Leans Into The 'Longevity' Of Purpose-Built Rental

"​I do think that in all forms, in all levels of government, they’re starting to understand and think about [the rental market] the right way."


City Of Brampton Relaunches Contentious Landlord Licensing Pilot

The City says that landlords are no longer required to provide proof of ownership, a criminal record check, detailed parking, storage, and floor plans, or proof of electrical and gas inspections when registering their rental units.


Affordable Rental Lottery Opens For Toronto's Galleria On The Park

Renters will be chosen at random through a lottery system for Galleria on the Park's 135 affordable units, with rent prices starting at $1,589.


"Unrelenting": Canadian Rent Prices Up 21% Since Rate Increases Began

In the last year alone, rent prices grew 10.5% across Canada, which represents the fastest annual growth since September 2023.


Brampton Looking At Steeper Fines, LTB Exemptions For Landlord Licensing Pilot

City staff say they are now aiming to resume the Residential Rental Licensing pilot in early April.


Pandemic Spread Rental Affordability Crisis Across The Country, Expert Says

CMHC’s Mathieu Laberge says that the pandemic brought “increased demand in housing markets outside of large urban centres, in markets that had been somewhat insulated from the affordability crisis.”


Quality Of Life Worse For Renters Over Homeowners, Data Suggests

Canadian renters are over 11 percentage points less likely to report “high overall life satisfaction,” according to new data from Statistics Canada.