​Aerial view of the Oakridge Park redevelopment in Vancouver, from earlier this year.

Oakridge Park Death Marks Fifth Major Construction Site Incident In Last 3 Months

​The incident at the Oakridge Park redevelopment construction site occurred on Wednesday and has resulted in one death.


Toronto To Begin Construction On Three Housing Now Sites This Year

A report that will be considered at Friday’s CreateTO meeting reveals that development approvals are now in place for 10 sites, with three expected to kick off construction at some point this year.


Inside The 2024 Presale Market With MLA Canada’s Garde MacDonald

“Although 2024 comes with tighter and more uncertain market conditions for developers, we are optimistic for presale market breadth in the year ahead as demand continues to accumulate.”


Is Mass Timber Construction About To Go Mainstream In BC?

Both the Province of British Columbia and City of Vancouver have recently taken actions to try to spur more use of mass timber construction.


Construction Time Grows, Building Quality Slips Amid Canada's Skilled Labour Shortage

Just 455 permanent residents were admitted under the Federal Skilled Trades Program in 2022, a number RESCON President Richard Lyall calls "statistically irrelevant."


Construction Costs Have Moderated, But "Equilibrium" To Be Short-Lived

"For building owners and developers, I think 2024 might be the best time to tender a project that that we've seen in a while, and probably the best time that we're likely to see over the next several years."​


Funding For Ontario Cities That Don't Reach Housing Targets To Be Redistributed

Municipalities that don't achieve their annual housing targets from the Province will see their funding dolled out to their neighbours.


Calgary Approves Increase To Development Off-Site Levy

​The City of Calgary charges the off-site levy to developers whenever land is subdivided or developed and uses the funds collected for infrastructure projects.


To Solve The Housing Crisis, The Construction Industry Needs To Aid Its Ailments First

The construction industry is key to solving the housing crisis, but persistent labour shortages, the high cost of homebuilding, poor productivity, and weak economic growth are weighing on its efforts.


Despite Decade-Low Project Launches, BC Presale Absorptions Hold Firm

While the presale market as a whole saw sales and revenues remain flat, certain projects in certain areas of Metro Vancouver were able to find success.


BC "Unicorn" Nexii Building Solutions Placed Under Creditor Protection

Nexii Building Solutions claims to be the fastest company in Canadian history to reach a $1B valuation. It now owes $80M USD.