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New Pickering Development Sells Out 95% in First Week

New Pickering Development Sells Out 95% in First Week

In just one week, CentreCourt sold 95% of its pre-construction condo units during the first-phase launch of Pickering City Centre — a sprawling high-rise development planned for the site of the Pickering Town Centre mall.

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Toronto Housing Secretariat Says 15,000 Affordable Homes “Stuck” In Development Pipeline

A new report calls on the provincial and federal governments to supply over $15B in funding to get these housing projects off the ground.

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Toronto's Housing Bubble Risk Subsides, But Market Remains Overvalued

Rising interest rates and soaring inflation have helped to quell Toronto’s risk of a housing bubble, but the city’s real estate market remains woefully overvalued.

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GTA New Home Sales Slump To Near-Record Low For August

With just over 700 new home sales recorded in the GTA last month, it was the second-slowest August on record.

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Canadian House Prices To Fall 10% In 2024 As Economy Slips Into Recession

Although talks of recession are certainly loaded with doom and gloom, downcast conditions could tempt the BoC to hold rates at 5% until mid-2024.

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Ontario Post-Secondary Grads Are Delaying Homeownership Due To Student Loan Debt: Poll

The majority of Ontario grads believe that their student debt will make it "much harder" for them to save for a home, a new survey has found.

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Canadian Home Prices Crept Up In August But “Set To Moderate” In Coming Months

The degree of any price declines “should remain limited thanks to the support of historical demographic growth and the persistent lack of housing supply.”


Economists Divided Over Future Interest Rate Hikes As Inflation Rises

While some experts think the Bank of Canada will keep rates on hold until next year, others believe the "possibility of multiple further hikes" can't be dismissed.

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Half Of Canadians Think They Will Never Be Able To Buy A Home

The share of Canadians who think they will never break into the housing market has edged up 15% over the past six months, according to a new report.

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Toronto Committee Of Adjustment Delays Add Up To $58K To Renos, Infills: Study

On average, decision timelines for Committee of Adjustment applications ran 95 days, which the study notes is 65 days longer than the 30-day standard required by the ​Province of Ontario's Planning Act and 32 days longer than the 63-day target set by the City.