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For Young Canadians, The Dream Of Homeownership Is In Limbo

Despite lofty home prices and challenging borrowing conditions, young Canadians are “keen” to break into the housing market, one expert says — and they’re exploring more creative ways to do so.

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Half Of Canadians Think They Will Never Be Able To Buy A Home

The share of Canadians who think they will never break into the housing market has edged up 15% over the past six months, according to a new report.


Despite Sluggish Uptake Amongst Most Major Banks, “Tens Of Thousands” Have Opened An FHSA With RBC

Alongside National Bank, RBC is one of the few major Canadian banks to get their FHSA up and running in April. Scotiabank, CIBC, and BMO have indicated that their FHSAs will be available for customers later this year.

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More Than Two Thirds Of First-Time Homebuyers Worry About Affording A Down Payment

As home prices and interest rates rise, first-time homebuyers are increasingly worried about their ability to break into the market.

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Canadian Cities With the Cheapest First Year of Homeownership: Report

Want to enter the market while forking over less cash? A new report names 15 Canadian cities with the cheapest first year of homeownership.

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Despite Uncertain Climate, Two-Thirds of Canadians Hold High Hopes of Homeownership

Despite the rocky real estate climate as of late, many Canadians still have their sights set on the dream of homeownership. 


Changes to the Municipal Land Transfer Tax Would Increase Affordability in Toronto

With housing affordability becoming an increasingly urgent issue, TRREB is calling for changes to the Municipal Land Transfer Tax.

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“People Really Want to Own Real Estate”: GTA Homebuyers Will Reenter the Fall Market with Fresh Hope

Real estate experts expect that GTA homebuyers will regroup and return to house-hunting this fall -- but lending conditions are tightening up.


Federal Liberal Budget Includes Billions for Housing Accelerator Fund

Over $100B in spending is to be rolled out in the federal budget including a new Housing Accelerator Fund aimed at creating new supply.


Federal Budget Cracks Down on Money Laundering, Speculative Real Estate Investment

The 2022 Federal Budget has been unveiled and includes a number of housing measures such as an anti-flipping tax and foreign buyer's ban.


Turns Out the "Bank of Mom and Dad" is Funding Fewer Down Payments Than You'd Think

The Bank of Mom and Dad -- gifting adult children with the cash they need to buy a home -- may fund fewer down payments than expected.

Affordable Housing

New Financial Solutions Bring Hope (and Ownership) to First-Time Buyers

Ourboro's co-ownership model makes buying a home possible for those without a large enough down payment, thanks to their pool of investors.


Investors Make Up Nearly 20% of All Homebuyers During the Pandemic

A new survey finds investors make up 19% of all Canadian homebuyers in the last 18 months, putting further pressure on housing supply.