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​The King George Hub development around King George Station in Surrey, British Columbia.

Feds Push For Transit-Oriented Development With $30B Canada Public Transit Fund

​The Canada Public Transit Fund will require transit-oriented development in exchange for funding, and the federal government says its the largest public transit investment in Canadian history,

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Is Now The Time To Drop Your Asking Price? An Expert Explores

It takes a lot of research, knowledge, and trial and error to pinpoint a “sweet spot” price that will appeal to buyers, but still meet seller goals.

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June's Inflation Drop "Sets The Table" For July Rate Cut: RBC

After an unexpected upswing in May that left economists unsure about the likelihood of a July cut, headline CPI fell back down to 2.7% from 2.9% in June.

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It’s Been One Year Of Olivia Chow. Here’s What She’s Done For Housing

In her first 12 months, Chow’s housing record has seen her already make good on many of her campaign promises, staying true to her emphasis on affordable housing and proving to be a champion for renters.


Failed Sale, $49M Debt Push Slate-Owned Burnaby Office Towers Into Receivership

​The subject property of the receivership against Slate Asset Management is the "Golden Towers" office complex at 4330 Kingsway in Burnaby.


“More Likely Than Not”: CIBC Sticks To July Interest Rate Cut Prediction

May’s inflation uptick has had some experts faltering on their previously-held belief that the central bank will cut rates again this month — however, CIBC’s Avery Shenfeld is not in that camp.

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Are Presales Dead? An Insider Answers (And Explores) The Question

I’m seeing a lot of online chatter about this question. Are presales dead? Is the investor gone? Will high density presales ever be the same again? Let’s jump into it.


Inside The Broadway Plan Review With Vancouver's Acting Director Of Planning

Acting Director of Planning Matt Shillito explains why the Broadway Plan needs to be amended and the proposed changes being put forth.


May Was The Second Lowest Month For New GTA Home Sales Since 1990

Data released by the Building Industry and Land Development (BILD) today shows that new home sales in the GTA continued to slow in the last month, nearly reaching May 2020 pandemic levels, the single lowest month on record.


“I'm 50/50 At This Point”: Is Another Interest Rate Cut Coming In July?

We spoke to experts from across the industry, including the Chief Economist at BMO, the Chief Market Analyst at TRREB , and the owner of a leading mortgage brokerage to get their forecasts for the July 24 announcement.


Hoping To Buy In Ontario? Ottawa May Be Your Best (Affordable) Bet

Ottawa realtor Matthew Mercier-Burns says that he’s seen an increase in Ottawa region buyers who have relocated from the GTA in favour of more affordable pastures — and, perhaps, a change of pace.

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Some Of Toronto’s Biggest Developers Are On Board With ‘Housing Now’

The planned ‘Housing Now’ projects are set to draw in the likes of KingSett Capital, Greenwin, Tridel, Kilmer-Tricon, Ellis Don, and Windmill — amongst more.