Screen shot 2018 07 19 at 10 The most expensive house in the world, Antilia. (Screenshot courtesy of YouTube)

The most expensive house in the entire world is practically big enough to be its own world — and of course, it has its own name: Antilia.

It is one of the most opulent and extravagant structures ever made.

It is estimated to cost around $2 billion (U.S.). (That's more expensive than Buckingham Palace.)

And it is gargantuan.


The 400,000-square-foot property is 550 feet high and sits in South Mumbai, along Altamont Road on Cumballa Hill. It belongs to Mukesh Ambani, the chairman and head of Reliance Industries.

Ambani's net worth has been estimated at $30 billion (U.S.). His company was founded by his father, Dhirubhai Ambani, in 1966. It is India's most valuable firm by market capitalization.

Ambani lives with his wife and three children in the 22-storey Mumbai tower. And the family has spent years remodelling it to meet their needs.

Simple needs to be sure.

This "house" (Is it really fair to call it a house?) was built to withstand level-8 Richter scale earthquakes. Its creation was a joint effort by Leighton Holdings, an Australian-based construction company, along with U.S.-based architecture firms of Hirsch Bedner and Perkins and Will.

Now, let's walk you through this behemoth ...

Screen shot 2018 07 19 at 10 Inside the most expensive house in the world. (Image courtesy of

The first six floors of the structure are actually parking lots — with room for 168 vehicles. (And we thought Prince's home with its 44-car parking had ample room for vehicles.) Of course, there's a service station for cars on the seventh floor.

Next, you'll find the lobby — with NINE elevators.

Naturally, there is a ballroom. Its ceiling is comprised mainly of crystal chandeliers.

The residential part of the home — the top six floors — is designed along the lines of the Lotus and Sun.

There is also a home theatre that seats 50. There is a salon. And how could this home ever be complete without an ice cream parlour?

So what types of views does this magnificent structure see?

Well, the house actually overlooks the Mumbai slums.