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Toronto’s King Street Pilot Extended To The End Of July 2019

It’s official, the King Street Pilot will continue well into 2019.

Toronto New Home Prices Show Biggest 12-Month Drop In 22 Years

Has the bubble burst? New data from StatsCan might make you think it has

Toronto Real Estate Prices Expected To Climb In 2019

Slow growth is in the forecast for 2019, with Canadian realtors predicting Toronto real estate prices will increase next year.

How Tall Is Your Building? This Site Ranks Toronto Skyscrapers By Height

Long gone are the days when the CN Tower was the tallest building in the world.

Site Seeing With Hume: M5V Gets Its Grade

M5V Condos is one of those condos that fits in well with its surroundings, it’s all but invisible.

Toronto’s Home Shortage Issues May Continue To 2041

According to a report released today, Toronto is missing crucial population targets leading to a huge home shortage.

Interior Designer Montana Labelle Takes You Inside Her Minimalist Home

Grover the black Golden Doodle is three months old, silky-soft and goofy, just like his namesake Muppet.

3 Waterfront Toronto Board Members Fired Over Quayside Project

Toronto’s Quayside project, in conjunction with Sidewalk Labs, is causing friction at all levels of government.

Every Winter This Toronto Street Gets Covered In Giant Santas

Canada is already known as the most Christmassy country in the world, but if we were to give that title to a single street it would have to Inglewood Drive or “Kringlewood” as it’s more commonly referred to as around this time of year.

This $13 Million Toronto Listing Is Giving Us Major John Kennedy Vibes

If you happen to have $13 million lying in a bank somewhere, this is probably the perfect Toronto listing (or listings) for you.

TTC Subway Closures Cancelled: 4 Stations On Line 1 To Remain Open

On top of a fairly light week of road closures, the TTC subway closures this week are similarly in our favour.

Toronto Road Closures To Steer Clear Of This Weekend (Dec 14-16)

The list of weekly Toronto road closures is getting more and more manageable. It’s a welcome break when traffic is generally ramping up for holiday parties, shopping, and the weather starts to get tricky.


New Canadian Mortgage Demand Down In Q2 2018, CMHC Reports

Thanks to ever-increasing interest rates and slow income and population growth, demand for new Canadian mortgages dropped in the second quarter of 2018, CMHC reports.

There’s A Gingerbread TTC And Twitter Was Super Canadian Aboot It

We all know the TTC and Toronto has its ups and downs. Yes, it is relatively clean compared to other major lines like New York or Chicago, but it certainly doesn’t have the accuracy of a Swiss train.

80 Per Cent Of Elevators In Ontario Failed Inspections In 2018

Ontario’s Auditor General just confirmed what high-rise dwellers have known all along: elevators in Ontario are in a bad state. A really bad state.


8 Signs You May Be Living In An Ice Castle This Winter

Winter is here—a little earlier than usual for some of us—and you might already feel the chill in your own home.

2019 Interior Design Trends: 5 Looks You Can Expect To See In The New Year

As the end of the year draws closer by the day, we can’t help but think of what next year has in store.

2019 Paint Trends: 5 Colours That Will Be Everywhere Next Year

Are the days of all white everything long gone?  These 2019 paint trends have us thinking that may very well be the case.

2018’s Best Smart Home Innovations: 8 Products You’ll Want To Come Home To

Anyone remember Rosie, the robotic housekeeper who puttered around The Jetsons in the 1960s?

6 Scents That Can Help Sell Your Home During An Open House

The power of scent can be simply captivating. It can evoke a memory, an emotion and attraction. Scents can also be used to help sell your home.

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