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We all know the TTC and Toronto has its ups and downs. Yes, it is relatively clean compared to other major lines like New York or Chicago, but it certainly doesn't have the accuracy of a Swiss train.

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Despite all the criticism of the TTC (and there are many), the Holidays are a time people get nostalgic.

So, to celebrate Christmas and Toronto, one very creative baker and twitter user Olivia (@ItsLiv06) recreated the 504 Streetcar as a gingerbread house.

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It's actually very impressive:

While the baking is beautiful, and we're sure it's delicious, Twitter was quick to poke some fun. But what's even better is how the Twitter thread became the most Canadian thread ever tweeted.

First. The actual TTC made an adorable joke:

Go ahead and file "When Companies/Services Use Simpson Memes" under my favourite things.

And then there were a few of the expected jokes about the construction going on at Bayview...

Obvious? Yes. Still funny? Yes. Still annoyed by traffic? Yes.

Of course, there were a few...sensory...related questions:

With all that frosting? No way.

But then came a joke asking about the "authenticity" of the structure.

The joke itself is pretty harmless, but Canadian Twitter was quick to make sure Olivia's hard work got the credit she deserved.

Trophies for Olivia, Trophies for EarlyGirly, Trophies for cookies.

But then, "Doc", the poster of the joke, apologized for any hurt feelings so nicely that he gets a trophy too:

I mean, if that's not a heartwarming tale right before Christmas I don't know what is. I'd like to believe Canadian Twitter is the only Twitter feed capable of being so nice.