Another day, another issue with the TTC. Fresh off a disastrous weekend of closures, comes news that the city's transit system is removing debit and credit card payment option from their fare machines.

Despite introducing debit and credit payment in 2014, TTC customer service is now encouraging users to switch to PRESTO and other forms of payment while they transition away from debit and credit payment options.

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Riders without a PRESTO card can continue to pay via cash, tickets and tokens. But who knows for how long. The city of Toronto has wholly embraced the PRESTO card system and is supposedly testing disposable single-use tickets.

The TTC is also eliminating monthly passes in favour of a monthly PRESTO pass.

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TTC spokesperson, Stuart Green said the decision to remove the payment options was a difficult albeit necessary one. Green added that in addition to testing the system, they are also working on long-term solutions to the problem.

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Broken fare machines have been a big problem for the TTC. Earlier this year, the Toronto Star reported that the TTC lost a whopping $4.2 million over two years due to faulty card readers.