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We have seen a lot of ridiculous stuff go down on the TTC. From the weird to the wonderful, Toronto transit is a veritable treasure trove of people watching.

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Occasionally though, there are some moments that are just straight up, as the kids say, wack.

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These are ten of the most insane moments we've seen on twitter of people doing straight up infuriating things on the TTC.

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Try not to scream.

1. The number of cars that do this:

Not only did the driver continue driving down a LITERAL STREETCAR TUNNEL, but he then tried to steal his license plates and run. Both decisions paint a strong picture of the driver.

2. This kid:

Not just him in particular, but this photo goes out to all the backpack wearers, manspreaders, and specifically people who cough without covering their mouth-ers.

3. What could possibly go wrong?

All it takes is a sharp turn and this guy is going to lose an ear.

4. Sadly, not the worst smell commuters have faced:

The person who blacked out this woman's face probably prevented a manhunt.

5. This accurate ad:

How's the LRT expansion coming TTC?

6. When this dude became our mascot:

Ok so not exactly infuriating. But it's inFURiating.

7. This photo depicting normal train operation

There are just no words.

8. People who do this

Give. Up. Your. Seat.

9. This one legitimately makes our stomach turn

Do you know how many times I've seen someone pee on the subway?!?

10. One man's trash is another man's hour-long delay

Come on Toronto, get it together.