Screen shot 2018 05 11 at 8 The TTC had some crabby passengers Monday. (Photo courtesy of Kristine Hughes via Facebook)

It was a crabby ride for TTC passengers ...

A passenger brought some seemingly unwanted guests aboard the subway Monday: three crabs.

Johnny Ghicas, who says he bought tickets for the crustaceans, tells Global News it was a "joke." He explains he boarded the train at Finch station after he had bought three crabs at a supermarket. He just wanted to see if anyone would say anything if he put them on the seats.

Well, Ghicas got himself into some hot water. (Not as hot as those poor crabs were likely intended for ...)

Passengers were not happy.

A viral post of the crabby ride continues to get a lot of attention on Facebook.

Kristine Hughes ("Pony Macaroni" on Facebook), writes: "I don't normally post anything on Facebook, but I felt an intense desire to share this TTC story with y'all:

"There was a man sitting on the subway on my way home the other day with 4 live crabs sitting on the surrounding seats.

Pretty casual stuff on a jam packed train.

"Then a girl walked by, thinking there was a free seat, saw the crabs, let out a small shocked scream, and kept walking."


Hughes explains that about 30 seconds later that passenger stormed back and "became a real effing hero" when she smacked the crustaceans off of the seats. Two of the crabs landed on nearby passengers.

Ghicas tells Global News two died instantly after thrown by that ride, and the third died later on. He says he threw all three crabs in the garbage.

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross took the opportunity to offer a public service announcement of sorts: “Leave your crabs in a bucket. Anything less is just shellfish behaviour.”