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If you happen to have $13 million lying in a bank somewhere, this is probably the perfect Toronto listing (or listings) for you.

You may have a list of amenities you'd like to see in your dream home. Perhaps a nice closet, a spare bedroom, a bright kitchen.

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But let me tell you.

$13 million gets you a lot more than an extra bedroom.

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Take a look for yourself, and if you aren't sipping port and flirting with Marilyn Monroe after you take a tour of this "cottage in the country home," we'll issue a full refund.

Price: $13 750 000Address: 210, 208, 206 Sandringham Dr.Brokerage: Sothesby International 

210 Sandringham Dr. Toronto Listing

Let's start with the entryway. If that isn't how you get into Camelot, I don't know what is.

210 Sandringham Dr. entryway

Double doors, classic wood design, beautiful entry. Really, that's how you live when you're a Kennedy

210 Sandringham Dr. Double doors entryway

The rest of the foyer is equally classic and beautiful. The gleaming wood floors, classic staircase, and white beadboard are all hallmarks of a classic cottage in the country style.

210 Sandringham Dr. foyer

The living room is inviting with a warm fireplace and is made even more elegant with a sloped high ceiling and comfortable, accessible, style.

210 Sandringham Dr. living room

The classic pillars, the wooden windows, and large dining table are exactly the kind of thing we'd imagine would be perfect for those historic Kennedy dinner discussions.

210 Sandringham Dr. dining room

The kitchen is cozy, with an intimate island for simple meals, yet elegant with classic wooden decor and top-drawer appliances.

210 Sandringham Dr. kitchen

This might be a $13 million listing, but that doesn't stop the house being made completely livable with oversized armchairs.

210 Sandringham Dr.

The generous bedroom is absolutely breathtaking, with a walkout balcony and again those amazing sloped ceilings.

Now, before we move on, let me brace you for the closet.

It's incredible.

Make sure you're sitting down.

210 Sandringham Dr. walk in closet

It's really something, isn't it? It's basically a room. Literally, you could live in there.

210 Sandringham Dr. bedroom

If there isn't a countertop in your wardrobe is there even a point in having a closet?

10 Sandringham  Dr. infinity pool and stunning stonework.

Moving into the backyard, let's take a minute to admire the infinity pool and stunning stonework.

10 Sandringham  Dr. backyard pool

The hot tub and gardens are absolutely incredible. We can't think of a better way to cap off this beautiful home.

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