Toronto's Quayside project, in conjunction with Sidewalk Labs, is causing friction at all levels of government.

What Is The Quayside Project?

Also referred to as Sidewalk Toronto, the Quayside Project is an urban innovation proposal for the stretch of Toronto's Waterfront between Queens Quay East and Parliament Street.

Changing The Board

On Thursday, the government of Ontario fired three provincially appointed Waterfront Toronto board of directors due in part to their handling of the smart-city development.

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All three levels of government support Waterfront Toronto. Each level is responsible for appointing four members to its board.

All four provincial board members need to be replaced after the firing of Helen Burstyn, Meric Gertler and Michael Nobrega. The fourth member, Julie Di Lorenzo stepped down last summer after expressing frustration with the Quayside project.

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What's Next For Waterfront Toronto?

Nobrega is staying on as CEO until a replacement is hired.

In an email to the Globe and Mail, mayoral spokesman Don Peat said that Mayor John Tory supported the decision to have Nobrega stay on as acting CEO and that the decision to change directors was not a result of any wrongdoing by those previously appointed.

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Ottawa spokesperson Ann-Clara Vaillancourt echoed Tory's sentiment. Vaillancourt reiterated her pride in the work of Waterfront Toronto's protection of the Portlands and initial phase of the Quayside project.

The Quayside project was first revealed by Waterfront Toronto and Google-affiliated Sidewalk Labs in October 2017.

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