Canada is already known as the most Christmassy country in the world, but if we were to give that title to a single street it would have to Inglewood Drive or "Kringlewood" as it's more commonly referred to as around this time of year.

For the sixth year in a row, massive inflatable Santas appeared in rows down Inglewood Drive—a tradition for the Moore Park neighbourhood.

The tradition was started by Amy Westin who put up a 14-foot Santa on her lawn in 2013. “We were totally loving how over the top it was,” Westin told The Star at the time.

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Such an enormous display could easily upset neighbours, but the residents of Inglewood really got on board. And, not long after that, Canadian Tire donated 23 inflatable Santas to the street.

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These days, more than 60 giant Santa's stretch almost one-kilometre in length, from St. Clair East to Rosedale Heights.

Don't you wish you had neighbours like this?