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Talk about city connections and the first thing that might spring to mind are well-positioned transit routes or really excellent WiFi. But the developers behind plans for a new building in Sherwood Park at Bayview and Eglinton believe their project will do more than just connect tenants to the TTC.

"We fell in love with the concept of building mid-rise buildings on Toronto's arterial avenues instead of high-rises because it gives a neighborhood feel," explains Rob Kansun, vice president of Sierra Building Group.

"It allows people to live a boutique lifestyle in an urban setting. One where they can really get to know their neighbours."

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Sierra has been developing and building homes for over 25 years in the Toronto area. The company's latest project, The Cardiff on Eglinton, is already turning heads — even though construction isn't slated to begin until the fall.

Located on Eglinton Avenue, between Mt. Pleasant Road and Bayview Avenue, Kansun says it's easy to understand what might initially draw buyers to these condos.

"We feel this is a triple-A location. Residents will benefit from proximity to Yonge and Eglinton and the Bayview corridor, both are within walking distance," says Kansun.

"The second thing that drew us to this location is the Eglinton LRT that's due to be completed about the same time we begin occupancy."

A short commute to the subway would be reason enough to want to get in on the ground floor of a new development. However, Baker Real Estate vice president Harley Nakelsky says location is only one part of the lure of The Cardiff.

"A boutique building appeals to buyers who might not want to live with 700 of their closest friends. A small building is a lot quieter. It's more suited to family life and a more relaxed lifestyle."

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In keeping with the idea of a neighborhood lifestyle in the middle of the city, The Cardiff not only offers one-, two-, and three-bedroom condos, but also townhomes featuring outdoor space.

"Everybody has a balcony, terrace, or patio," Kansun says. "It's nice for those who are used to having a backyard."

Both Kansun and Nakelsky see a trend in the sort of buyers interested in this type of building.

Some are young professionals who want an easy commute to downtown or downsizing retirees who want something reminiscent of the feel of their previous homes. Two other groups are also driving up demand.

"We see a lot of interest from separated parents whose family lives in the neighborhood," says Nakelsky.

"They want to stay close to the family and stay in the same school district. We also see parents buying condos for their children. These are people who are living close by and want their kids down the street from them."


Another plus for potential buyers is the amenities package.

Many boutique buildings might only have a single common room. Even with just 92 units, Kansun says The Cardiff offers the types of extras you would expect from a much larger condo.

"We think what we have is absolutely spectacular for a building this size.

"There's a gym on the ground floor, entertainment space on the second floor, a theatre, a bar and lounge area, and on the fifth floor, a big barbecue area with two separate spots for groups to entertain guests."

The unique aspects of the building carry to the outside as well.

Kansun says Sierra worked to ensure The Cardiff has a modern feel, while still fitting in with surrounding architecture. The planned textured concrete bands, zinc panels, and alternating projecting balconies add three-dimensional interest to the exterior.

Units start in the $500,000s and even though sales don't open for several weeks, Nakelsky says Baker already has a huge waitlist of people who've registered their interest.

Sierra has an extensive track record of building quality and warranty-backed properties. Nakelsky says when construction is complete in the fall of 2020 he expects to hand out keys to all 92 units.

"Buildings that are in these high-end unique areas, on transit, within walking distance to some of the best restaurants, but in a little offset, quiet location are very special. They don't come around very often. They're the type of products that people are looking for.

"It will be sold out I'm sure."