We're about to show you the official downtown borders for Toronto. There are certainly many other unofficial thoughts on this.

Next week is the city's Planning and Growth Management Committee meeting, and it seems that city officials have redrawn downtown Toronto's borders.

Matt Elliott, a Toronto journalist, just revealed the new map on Twitter.

Yes. You understand that correctly. Nothing west of Bathurst is considered downtown by the City of Toronto anymore. Sorry, King West, West Queen West, Liberty Village, Ossington et al.

Here. Look again. Bigger this time.

Img 9574 (Image courtesy of Matt Elliott on Twitter.com, by City of Toronto)

See? West of Bathurst is not officially downtown Toronto. For now. Until the lines are redrawn.

Or until someone asks you where you live, and you describe your Little Italy, Dundas West, Parkdale, or Christie Pits home as "downtown."