Yorkville Condo

This Yorkville condo for sale is the epitome of classic Toronto living.

It's got the glam-lux style of a New York City Upper West Side apartment, with the modern amenities of a new house. It's the perfect combination of elegant taste and practicality.

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It's so perfect, in fact, we've begun to fantasize about a life here. As Carrie Bradshaw would say, "Hello, I live here!" Except even in our fantasies, our shoe collection isn't quite as impressive.

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Let's take you on a tour of this beautiful unit while we continue to imagine a life here.

Where: 38 Avenue RoadPrice: $4,250,000Sales representative: Chris Bibby, RE/MAX Hallmark Bibby Group Realty

Imagine owning something like this and being able to say "Hello. Yes. This actually is where I live all the time. It has actual columns." At least that's what we might say.

Yorkville Condo

This is what your guests would see — as they pick their jaws up off the floor:

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"This is my living room, where I casually watch Netflix, surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows and hardwood floors."

"Do you feel a bit of a draft? Let's turn to this gorgeous fireplace."

"Want some chips and dip? We can find it in my sunlit kitchen — with top-of-the-line appliances and granite countertops."

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"Why don't you take a seat at the cozy kitchen table, while I grab us some wine — though you're surely already intoxicated by this lavish abode."

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"We can take it to my beautiful little nook that overlooks Yorkville."

P.S. We just got chills fantasizing that we actually just uttered that sentence.

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"While we're taking a tour of this ... My actual home where I live all the time ... Let me show you the bedroom and Jacuzzi tub."

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"What a lovely evening. Why don't we playy  spot-the-celeb from my well-placed little patio?"

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But, in the meantime in our actual home, all we can say is, "Welcome to my house. Sorry for the mess."