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TTC Subway Closure: Line 1 Stations To Close Early (Oct. 7-10)

Stay informed about this weekend's subway closures that could affect your commute.

This $2.5M Multi-Residential Home Is A Perfect Investment

This is the perfect investment for someone looking to maintain tenants or who wants to split two units into their next family home.

The Gardiner Expressway Will Be Closed For Thanksgiving

Roads will be clogged throughout the city as the Gardiner shuts down for annual fall maintenance.

Developers Want More Details About John Tory’s Climate Emergency Plan

Developers and major property owners are taking a wait-and-see approach to Mayor John Tory’s call for a new, beefed up attack on climate change.

Proposed New Parking Fix Leaves The City In Idle

Like Queen Street in Toronto, the road to hell is not only paved with good intentions it’s lined with illegally parked cars.

Developer Provides GTA Residents With Ten Affordable Homes

Now a developer has found a way to give back significantly in the face of Toronto’s ongoing housing affordability crisis.

Sadly, Toronto Is One Of Canada’s Unhappiest Cities

Toronto’s Vital Signs report released this week says our city “is by several measures the least happy city in the country, with our young people the least happy of all.”

Toronto Real Estate Snapshot, Powered By Zoocasa (Oct. 2 – Oct. 8)

It has been a particularly strong week for real estate sales, with positive gains seen across all home types in both the 416 and 905-area markets.

City Of Toronto Seeking $700,000 In Unpaid Bills From Condo Developers

The City of Toronto is seeking to recoup $700,000 of unpaid bills from condo developers.

Toronto Road Closures To Steer Clear Of This Weekend (Oct. 11-14)

Parts of the city are shutting down which could affect your commute.

10 CHEAP Things To Do In Toronto This Weekend (Oct. 11-14)

There are a wide variety of CHEAP things to do this weekend with friends, family or alone.

Here Are The Best Pumpkin Patches Near Toronto

Pumpkin carving season is here and you can check out these spots nearby to get your very own.

TTC Subway Closures: 12 Stations On Line 2 Affected (Oct. 12-13)

These stations will be shutdown this weekend so stay informed.

A Toronto Condo Costs More Than The Average Canadian Home

Condos have now become the fastest appreciating housing type according to a recent study by Royal LePage – with the median price nationally rising by 3.4 per cent. Meanwhile, Toronto condos jumped by a whopping 9.2 per cent this year.

Enjoy Fantastic Long Weekend Weather Before Next Week’s Typhoon

Forecasters at The Weather Network predict Typhoon Hagibis will have a cooling impact on October’s remaining days.

In Toronto, Rent Costs Are Increasing Twice As Fast As Incomes

A new report from the Toronto Foundation found that many people are struggling to survive in a city with such rapid economic growth.


Canada Needs More Student Housing To Help Address Affordability

No one is recognizing the huge impact of the 435,415 students who study in Canada each year.

Tonight’s Historic Election Debate Makes Housing Affordability Top Priority

Six federal party leaders participated in a debate this past Monday surrounding several major issues, including housing affordability.

Home Owners Believe Cannabis Can Impact Property Value

Landlords and home owners are worried that cannabis usage in their properties could affect the overall value.

September Housing Starts Dip By 2.5 Per Cent: CMHC Report

According to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) September’s housing starts slowed compared to August

Ask An Agent: Is The First-Time Home Buyer’s Incentive Right For You?

You might need help breaking down whether or not you can benefit from this incentive.

Urban Dwellers Invest Differently Than Their Suburban Counterparts

Environics Analytics’ Wealthscapes survey confirms that many millennials are investing outside of real estate due to lack of housing affordability.

Address Housing Before Mental Health To Fight Homelessness: Study

A new Canadian study says that solving the housing problem first ultimately reduces the homelessness epidemic long-term.

Pace Of Mortgage Credit Speeds Up And Borrowers Need Guidance

Writing in his Business Briefing column, Babad reminds Canadians of our country’s history with expanding debts and inflated housing markets.

As Prices Rise, Election Promises Must Address Housing Shortages

With the results of a new Royal LePage House Price Survey, the downturn in the housing market of 2018 and early 2019 is essentially over – but concrete plans and action must address its inadequacies.

ELECTION SPECIAL: Housing Is A Major National Issue For All Parties

The high cost of housing and the chronic problem of homelessness have become significant talking points for politicians in the current federal election.


Land Surveys Are An Essential Step In The Home Buying Process

When you buy a home, you’ll want to know everything about it before you sign on the dotted line.

9 Things That Can Bring Your Property Value Down

Whether you’re planning to sell your home sometime soon or are simply interested in ensuring that the value of your home stays high, it’s good to know what factors play a role in property values.