The Thanksgiving long weekend is here, and the last thing you want to worry about is a typhoon, right?

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Well, relax and enjoy that visit home, the turkey and the love because Typhoon Hagibis isn’t about to affect Toronto’s weather – yet. However, forecasters at The Weather Network predict Hagibis will have a cooling impact on October’s remaining days.

Meanwhile, Friday’s high will hit 18°C, with an overnight low of 13°C.

Early Saturday morning rain pushes in – briefly. It’s expected to end around 10 a.m. but it brings a cool front with it. The high will be 13°C, which is close to seasonal, according to The Weather Network.

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Sunday and Monday? No problem. Sunshine – and a brisk wind but not frosty – defines Sunday and temperatures are back in the mid-teens. Same for holiday Monday.

Now about that typhoon….

Thanks to Hagibis, chilly weather hits Toronto by the middle of next week.

“This will bring periods of rain followed by several days of chilly weather with high temperatures struggling to reach the lower teens Wednesday through Friday," says Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham. "It looks like the final week of October will bring an extended period of colder than normal temperatures to the Great Lakes region."

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Hagibis will move across Japan and near Tokyo this weekend, and the change in our weather is due to that path. But don’t worry. Hagibis won’t make it across the Pacific Ocean to Toronto though we’ll definitely feel its impact.

"When a typhoon takes a track near or just east of Japan, typically the dip in the jet stream brings colder weather into the Great Lakes region," Gillham explains. "When the track is further to the west -- into Korea or China -- the dip in the jet stream will be further to the west with a colder pattern for western Canada and a warmer pattern for the eastern half of the country."

So, enjoy your well-deserved long weekend before the chill sets in!