Rose kutzko 1024x887 Rose Kutzko (Photo courtesy of Rose Kutzko)

Rose Kutzko typically races through the Toronto real estate market for business wins, but this Halloween she'll be racing a bed for charity.

The broker and leader of The Property Team is a sponsor of The Dorothy Ley Hospice Annual Halloween Bed Race — a fundraiser benefitting The Dorothy Ley Hospice at 220 Sherway Drive in Etobicoke.

The race will see various teams of up to six people, from all walks of life, get dressed up in their favourite Halloween costumes to race decorated hospital beds. The event takes place at the Humberview Motors lot on Bloor Street West, on Sunday, Oct. 28 at 12 p.m. (If you want to donate or check it out, just click here.)

Kutzko was nice enough to stop by and give us some insight into her business, including why a client care coordinator makes all the difference, why the basics of real estate marketing will never go out of style, and why giving back to the community is so important to her. 

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How did you begin your journey in real estate?

I started in real estate after being a perpetual student and having children.

The course I majored in university was social sciences. For two years I did volunteer work in a crisis unit at The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health [CAMH] and some of work with unwed mothers. In turn, real estate seemed like a good fit since I am a people-oriented person.

I have a designation working with seniors, as well as first-time home buyers and I have my early childhood background, so I love working with families with children.

If I go with Rose Kutzko & The Property Team as my Real Estate team of choice, what can you do for me as a client that no one else can offer?

We provide a five-star service.

One of my team members is described as a client care coordinator and is readily available to assist our clients with any real estate needs they may have. We have a great referral source of real estate specialists that include mortgage brokers, home inspectors, cleaners, renovators, new home builders, window cleaners, waterproofers — the list goes on.

What's an example of when your client care coordinator may be needed?

Trisha Wilson, the client coordinator, is a licenced real estate agent that provides hands on real estate services. In a recent example, a buyer was having difficulty arranging financing on a condo purchase for an undisclosed reason.

Trisha was involved in liaising with the mortgage broker and property management company to acquire more details and clarify services the condo board provides to its residents.

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We routinely provide real estate specialists involved in a transaction with all of the documentation required. We extend ourselves above and beyond our clients' expectations make the transaction as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Rose condo Kutzko says this gorgeous one-bedroom condo has been professionally renovated from top to bottom, with exquisite features to offer even the fussiest buyer. (Photo courtesy of Rose Kutzko)

What is it about the Toronto market that compels you?

Well, I like the diversity.

Although I market myself in particular areas of the West End and Etobicoke, I do extend myself east, west and north. Doing my research and due diligence for clients is one of my top priorities. Having the proper tools and technology to utilize makes all the difference.

You've won a number of awards at RE/MAX. How were you able to rise to that level and what kind of qualities do you need to achieve such apparent high standing?

I have 25 years of experience in the real estate industry and have worked tirelessly to achieve my goals. Hard work, determination and high energy levels all play a role in the success of my team.

I enjoy door knocking and cold calling. I believe that the basics in real estate are key to acquiring success in this business.

I'm very hands-on and I don't mind getting my hands dirty.

Let's talk charity. In addition to the Bed Race you're doing around Halloween, you've also donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and the Children's Miracle Network. Why is this so important to you?

It's part of giving back.

As an agent, it's very important to give back to my community.

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How did you get involved in The Dorothy Ley Hospice Halloween Bed Race?

I had clients that passed away and were Dorothy Ley Hospice Patients, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in raising funds for this great cause.

Rose slide The Dorothy Ley Hospice Halloween Bed Race (Photo courtesy of Rose Kutzko)

What exactly is a Bed Race and what can those in attendance look forward to?

The Dorothy Ley Hospice is a volunteer-based community service organization offering compassionate care to people living with the challenges of a life-limiting illness or loss. They host the Annual Bed Race to help raise the much-needed funds that they must raise each year to be able to continue providing programs and services in our community. This is our first year participating and we look forward to all the festivities.

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Will you be racing a bed yourself?


Have you picked your costume yet?

We have! You will have to come out to the event to see what we dressed as.

Are there any particular strategies for choosing the bed you will be racing with?

No. They are standard hospital beds and each bed is decorated by the group that's running. We're decorating our bed as well.

How do you think the race will go for you?

I don't know if we'll win, but it will be fun!