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Affordable Housing

For People with Disabilities, Homeownership is a Two-Headed Monster

When it comes to homeownership for people with disabilities, accessibility always gets its mention, but affordability is an equal barrier.

Ask An Agent

Ask an Agent: What Should the Feds Be Doing to Cool the Real Estate Market?

We asked The Sutton Group – Summit Realty Inc. broker Bradley Watson what he thought the feds should be doing to cool the real estate market.

Real Estate News

Ask An Agent: What Has COVID Forever Changed About the Real Estate Market?

We asked Re/Max Realty One agent Arif Qureshi what he thinks the pandemic has irrevocably changed in the world of real estate.

Ask An Agent

Ask An Agent: Where Do You Expect Average Toronto Home Prices to Go in 2021?

Given the year Toronto home prices just had, we wanted to know what 2021 has in store -- so we asked an agent with 40 years experience.

Ask An Agent

Ask An Agent: What is Toronto’s Real Estate Industry Learning From the Pandemic?

We asked Sage Real Estate agent Aimee Fairweather what she thinks the Toronto real estate industry is learning from the ongoing pandemic.