Dozens of new COVID-19 cases are being identified across Ontario every day, including large amounts in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

As of Thursday, April 9, 5,759 residents have tested positive for the virus and another 1,208 are still pending results, according to provincial health officials, and at least 200 patients who have contracted the virus have died.


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  • The increase in numbers, which are expected to continue in the days ahead, comes as more reported cases are being spread through the community, meaning transmission from one Canadian to another in the community is occurring more frequently, as opposed to people being infected after travel abroad.

    The outbreak looks vastly different in the province now than it did just a few short weeks ago. At the start of March, just 20 cases had been reported in the province, most of them tied directly to overseas travel.

    And as the number of known cases has shifted from dozens to hundreds, life across the province continues to change swiftly day by day.

    With both the province and the City of Toronto under a state of emergency, once busy attractions and neighbourhoods appear eerily deserted, which is especially the case now that the provincial government has declared all non-essential businesses must close and residents have been urged to practise social distancing and remain inside.

    And while provincial health officials provide comprehensive updates on the daily details of every confirmed case in Ontario and collect information from local officials around the clock, we wanted to take a deeper look at how the virus continues to impact various communities across the province.

    So we’ve mapped every known community that has seen a confirmed case of coronavirus. The map is currently up to date as of Thursday, April 9.

    Please note, this map only includes the known cases (both active and recovered) throughout the province. And considering the vast number of cases, we're only pinning each city/community on the map once. 

    We will continue to update the map as more information — and positive cases — becomes available.

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