Easter is a particularly Instagram-friendly holiday. Longer days, fresh flowers, eggs, and lots of food make for amazing moments to capture and #hashtag.

But since you probably have enough going on, you want those Insta shots to be quick and easy. Here are some fast ways you can really make your celebration pop, whether it's your table-setting, around the house, or on your plate.

This bunny table napkin that's ready to hop on your lap ...

Follow the super easy tutorial to impress your guests with some fancy napkin work this weekend.

How about a subtle, festive nod with this classy terrarium?

Minimalist-festive chic with a touch of cute. This would also make a great centrepiece!

The ever simple, ever classic, egg tree.

Hang some pretty Easter eggs from decorative branches or an indoor plant for a decor piece that fills a fireplace or coffee table.

These bunny butt pancakes that are too cute to eat. Bet they'd go great with butt-er.

It might just distract the kiddos from ripping into their chocolate haul before 10 a.m.

An adult Easter hunt for something much more exciting than chocolate.

Because what says "Easter morning" better than some mimosas for your couple's brunch?

Don't celebrate Easter? Spending the long weekend on the couch? This is THE idea for you.

Get in on this money maker before it goes public and shares skyrocket.

It might rain, but don't forget Easter means spring flowers.

Beautiful. Fresh. Simple. Sometimes you just don't need to overthink it.

But, honestly, the best idea for this weekend is to spend time together.

Have a great long weekend!

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