As a society, we seem to be doing well at acquiring stuff, and less so at acquiring space. As result, we’ve got no space for our stuff.

It’s an issue we tend to push to the recesses of our minds — and homes — stuffing our stuff into any unused nook in the home.

But once every nook has been took, we need to look elsewhere. The backyard of a home can offer a number of different storage possibilities, and for the purposes of this article, that number is five.

Here are five diverse options for forward-thinking backyard structures:

Built For The Kids

This cedar shed from Shent’s Renovation is well sized, has multiple entryways and a private upper deck. It’s ideal for storing bicycles, deck furniture and children.

Built For The Adults

Am I the only one who thinks this custom build from Todd’s Sheds could be a full-service backyard bar? I mean … I know that it can hold a ton of camping gear, and tools and lawn mowers and the like. But surely it could hold a bartender as well.

Built In Advance

This gorgeous Hemlock Wood build from Amish Sheds Inc. comes with a steel roof, sliding windows and screens, and locking doors. And best of all, it’s prefabricated, which means that you don’t have to get up out of your lawn chair to build it.

Built In A Day

It’s taken me a week and a half to build a night table for my bedroom. Whereas, the folks from Shed In A Day built this spruce-trimmed backyard shed in less than 24 hours. How are these guys so good? And how do I find the number to Night Table In A Day?

Built Up My Hopes

I work from home, and am too easily distracted by what’s on the television and what’s in my fridge. This sleek backyard home office from Westcoast Outbuildings would allow me to do my job in peace, without being too far from the television and the fridge.