Neighbours can be difficult when they disrupt your peace — or try to disrupt your children's fun.

A Newmarket mom of four boys, Morgan DeCairos DeBoer, received a letter from an anonymous source, signed "Your neighbours." She took it too social media. And now the letter is being read by a nation of neighbours throughout Canada.

The note starts by saying it's a "friendly request" by one of "several" frustrated neighbours.

The writer says the childrens' play has become so disruptive that sounds penetrate through windows and walls, and interrupt everyday activities such as watching TV, reading and napping.

"We encourage you to correct your child when he screams by saying 'Please stop that yelling' or something like that," it reads.

DeCairos DeBoer's boys are all under the age of six. So, playtime is important to her — and to them.

"To have a neighbour comment, and cowardly hide, on my choice to allow my kids to play in a safe contained area, which is part of the space we pay for, and play how they want and independent from me confuses me," the mom told the Toronto Star. "Excuse me for allowing my children time to use their imaginations and problem-solving skills and get some needed vitamin D."

She also told The Star her kids are usually outside for fresh air about an hour or two a day between the end of school and dinner.

DeCairos DeBoer has received support from across Canada. Some social media supporters suggest she have a huge party in her backyard with and invite all the neighbourhood children.

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