Just when everyone had  the for sale sign was buried with Blockbuster and paper flyers, it’s been revived and plugged in to the web.

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Real estate company Compass recently unveiled a new design for its “for sale” sign, and it’s a refreshing modern update to an old eyesore.

The half-digital, half-analog sign is dark and round with a glowing outer ring that is a far cry from the bright red, blue, or yellow signs of today.

The modular design has three main pieces to be set—the stand, a middle sign that displays the real estate agent’s information, and the glowing ring meant to attract potential buyers.

newly-designed home for sale sign

Below the ring there’s a QR code, which prompts interested buyers to download the Compass app for more information.

The sign’s functionality is pretty limiting—the ring glows in a handful of animation patterns, and the sign’s text must be manually changed.

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Compass says its redesigned signage could be fully digital and act as a hub to connect the digital and physical worlds.

It may also include links to traffic apps like Waze so users will see houses for sale integrated with their commute.

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