Jack Noseworthy is enjoying his time living in Toronto, as a proud member of the Canadian cast of Come From Away. (Photo by Mike Aporius)

Actor-producer Jack Noseworthy has had a storied career, having appeared on TV, stage and the big screen for over a quarter century.

Though he lives with his husband and son in New York City, Noseworthy’s work has taken him all over the world. So, he’s come to know a thing or two about what makes a good city great. He's also now a proud permanent resident of Canada.

Noseworthy is currently in Toronto as a part of the Come From Awaycast, performing at the Royal Alexandra Theatre until January 20, 2019.

The show is making a triumphant return to the city, while enjoying a celebrated and award-winning run on Broadway.

We asked the actor 10 questions about his time in Toronto to get his take on how our good city stacks up …

1. How long are you scheduled to be in the show?

The entire cast of Come From Away is under contract for one year. Just enough time for me to feel like an honourary Torontonian.


2. Had you visited or lived in Toronto, prior?

Yes. I’ve shot loads of movies and TV projects here. Plus my husband’s family lives here. (Editor's note: Noseworthy’s husband is brilliant choreographer Sergio Trujillo of stage and screen acclaim). I’ve spent a great deal of time living and working in the city.

3. In which part of Toronto are you living?

I’m in a great apartment in Roncesvalles.

4. Why did you choose Roncy?

I found the right place! It was close to everything … The TTC, grocery stores, coffee shops and restaurants. My neighbourhood eatery is called The Simple Kitchen.

Being adjacent to Parkdale with its clubs and nightlife, Roncy maintains some edge. And with all the mom-and-pop stores up and down the street, you can avoid commercialism.

5. What are some of your favourite things to do around Toronto?

Working out at Goodlife Fitness, walking through High Park and dining at all of the amazing restaurants. My current favorite is Constantine at 15 Charles Street East. Get the lamb burger, you won’t regret it!

6. How do Torontonians compare to New Yorkers?

They are very similar. Both are curious, ambitious, friendly, fashion-forward and empathetic. But the cultural diversity in Toronto really is something special.

7. What has Come From Away taught you — and did you feel that sense of a "Canadian welcome" when you opened in Toronto?

First and foremost, Come From Away has taught me how to appreciate a hit show.

Being an actor is tough. And while I’ve been fortunate, true successes are few and far between.

CFA has taught me to appreciate the ride and enjoy it for as long as it lasts. And the Toronto audiences have absolutely welcomed us with open arms. The response every night is similar to a rock concert.

Screen shot 2018 05 15 at 3 The cast from Come From Away (Photo by Matthew Murphy via Mirvish.com)

8. What do you think of the Toronto theatre scene?

With eight shows a week at Come From Away, it’s hard to keep up. But my Mirvish family always presents great theatre in Toronto, and I’ve seen some amazing work at Soulpepper.

My go-to Toronto acting teacher and coach is Angela Besharah at “The Lighthouse Acting Studio”. Angie really is Toronto’s best-kept secret!

9. What does Toronto have that New York City lacks?

Clean sidewalks and streets! Torontonians are very respectful and do not litter. Their parents clearly taught them well.

10. How does NYC still have us beat?

New York City stays open later than Toronto and has an “after hours” life.

Stay up to date on the successes of Jack Noseworthy. And be sure to see Come From Away, at the Royal Alexandra Theatre, in Toronto until January 20, 2019.