A Vancouver woman taken to court over missed mortgage payments cited a conspiracy theory about a "new world order" as proof her mortgage debt had been forgiven.

The Vancouver resident, Karen Wai King Lew, was appealing the Bank of Montreal's foreclosure on her home after she failed to pay the more than $209,000 required to redeem the mortgage. During the appeals hearing, Lew, who represented herself, cited the doctrine of NESARA/GESARA -- a known conspiracy theory that stands for the National Economic Security and Reformation Act and Global Economic Security and Reformation Act.

Lew described NESARA/GESARA as a pending "new world order" that began in the United States but has since moved globally to other countries, including Canada. Justice Sharon Matthews of the BC Supreme Court, who ultimately dismissed Lew's appeal, described in her July 12 ruling that Lew "asserted that [NESARA/GESARA] involves resignation of world leaders, new currencies that will be backed by gold, and a more harmonious and peaceful world where the enslavement qualities of debt will be abolished."

The Vancouver woman referenced a document published on a website called GESARA.news that stated all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt "due to illegal banking and government activities will be cancelled." In the NESARA/GESARA conspiracy theory, this is referred to as a "jubilee," or a complete forgiveness of debt.

But the theory doesn't end at personal financials. It also lays out the establishment of new presidential and congressional elections within 120 days of GESARA's announcement, and states that there will be an "interim government" that "will cancel all national emergencies and return us back to constitutional law."

"I assume that the unspecified political entity is the United States but perhaps the intention is a global constitutional regime," Matthews' ruling reads.

The GESARA document also calls for the creations of a new US treasury currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals that will end "the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933."

During the appeals hearing, Lew laid out her theory in detail, but, naturally, was unable to provide any evidence of Canadian or British Columbian legislation having implemented NESARA/GESARA. She also claimed that she unsuccessfully attempted to upload her bank statements, which allegedly showed that "the mortgage balance was at zero at one point in time." She also stated that she was unaware she should have an application binder to hold copies of her evidence.

Lew went on to claim that Supreme Court Master Kimberley Robertson, who initially granted the foreclosure on Lew's house, was biased and should have recused herself.

"She asserts two reasons for the bias," Matthews' judgement reads. "First, she asserts that the NESARA/GESARA pending world order is well known to the banks and would have been well known to Master Robertson before she became a master. She submitted that Master Robertson became a master because she knew that her law firm's foreclosure practice would be ending when all mortgages and other debts were forgiven."

With the appeal dismissed, the foreclosure can move forwards and repayments to both the Bank of Montreal and Lew's second mortgagee, Ming Shek Liu, are to be made.