Just a reminder, the cost of taking the TTC is going up next month.

As of April 1, TTC fare via PRESTO and tokens will increase by 10 cents to a total of $3.10. Single ride Fair Pass fares are also going up by a mere five cents to $2.05. Cash fare will remain unchanged at $3.25.

According to the TTC, the last adult cash fare hike was in January 2016. Prior to then, cash fare was only $3.00 per ride.

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And those aren't the only changes coming to the TTC.

In addition to the increase in per ride fare, the price of the TTC's monthly passes is also going up. Fair Pass monthly passes will jump up by $3.90 to $119.50, while standard adult monthly passes will go up by $4.90 to $151.15. The TTC 12-month pass, which replaces the TTC's Metropass Discount Plan, also jumps $4.55 per month to $138.55. Post-secondary monthly passes see the largest increase rising $5.70 to $122.45.

Adult Fare

Senior and Youth fares are also impacted by the hike. Seniors and youth paying by cash, token or PRESTO will see per ride fares rise 10 cents. Cash fare for seniors and youth will now be $2.20, while token and PRESTO fares will cost $2.15.

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Monthly passes for seniors and youth will also increase. Youth/Senior standard monthly passes will go up by $5.70 to $122.45, while 12-month passes will go up by $5.25 per month to $112.25.

Youth/Senior Fare

TTC riders should also note the weekly pass is being discontinued. As of March 31, customers will be forced to switch to the GTA Weekly Pass — which is almost $20 more expensive — or the TTC's monthly passes.

The GTA Weekly pass, which increases by $1.95 to $64.95 on April 1, is valid from 12:01 on Mondays to until morning service begins the following Monday. The GTA Pass is also accepted across Mississauga, Brampton and York Region transit lines.

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Riders can purchase a TTC-only portion of the GTA Weekly pass for $35.07, up $1.05 from $34.02.

Day passes and downtown express stickers are also going up 50 cents and $1.45, respectively, to $13.00 and $44.45.

The decision to increase TTC fares was made in late January 2019. The hike is expected to generate $26 million in revenue for the TTC.