Toronto just got a new car-sharing pilot program — which has been successful in Montreal and other Canadian cities.

Canada's longest-running car-sharing company Communauto will be the first to receive a permit under the City of Toronto's new free-floating car-share pilot program.

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Since it's a free-floating car-share, this allows members to take one-way trips beginning in one location and ending in another.

So you can pick up cars from and drop off cars at legal residential parking spaces throughout the city. Unlike other car-sharing services, you won't be restricted to a fixed location.

The service, called Communauto FLEX, intends to have more than 500 cars on city roads, covering 100 square kilometres in Toronto after the pilot project. But to start, in November, it will operate in the downtown core with 200 cars servicing 50 square kilometres.

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Communauto FLEX is free to join without any monthly fees. It uses a pay-as-you-go structure.

Daily trips begin at $0.41/minute, $15/hour, $50/day and $35 is charged for any days following. The first 150 kilometres are included in the price of each trip. And in the launch phase, you will receive the first 30 minutes of each trip free for one month after joining.

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