You know there's something seriously wrong with the Toronto condo market when it becomes the topic of a rap video.

Cadence Weapon, the Edmonton-raised rapper born Rollie Pemberton, has released his self-titled fourth LP, and with it has released shots at the Toronto condo boom.

While living in Montreal for six years, finding housing was never an issue for Pemberton. But when he and his girlfriend moved to Toronto it was an entirely different story — that has since become a musical story: "High Rise."

Hundred thousand over asking

Home destruction, no compassion

Call your M.P.

No reaction, disrespected

The rapper tells the Toronto Star, "We looked at, I would say, 25 different apartments and houses before we eventually got one. We would do open houses with literally 100 people, in a driving rainstorm, and we are all there to look at the crawl space behind a house in Little Italy.

Looking glass, misdirected

More construction

Overconsumption, mass defection

So disruptive, disconnected

"I wanted to make a song from the perspective of a demonic, evil real estate agent who is dead set on destroying the fabric of urban communities. That was my idea … a song of resignation, let’s move into a highrise, let’s give up on living in a community."

Cash reduction

Ask them why, get interrupted

More distractions, slow production

More corruption

On his Facebook page, the rapper explains his video which was released Tuesday.

"When it came time to make a video for 'High Rise,' I knew I wanted to do something that was unique and commented on gentrification in a clever way. Shout out to PIQUE for the concept. I hope you enjoy what we came up with."