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The ability to (over)share our lives on social media has also given us the ability to recognize our shared experiences.

Whether it's that perfect sandwich, a Jays game, or "date night with this guy #happyanniversary," social media has allowed us to see that we pretty much do and experience many things in similar ways.

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Moreover, these platforms have become so entrenched in our daily lives, that everyday events are now defined by their attachment to a social media post.

If that avocado toast wasn't online, did it even happen?

Moving is no exception. We all go through those same five stages in the dreaded move. Let's take a look:

1. Instagram: Showing Your Place.

Those cupboards might have burst open from the millions of half-empty bags of potato chips you shoved in there before the viewing, but you'll be damned if for that one shot your kitchen didn't look like Martha Stewart herself cleaned it.

2. Facebook: Advertising/Finding A Place

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Being on Facebook in 2018 is kind of like attending a family dinner party that you're not allowed to leave. If you have to be on it, you might as well get some free advertising space out of it.

3. Pinterest: Fantasy Decorating Your New Place


We all have that Pinterest board of bohemian white rooms that no one on earth has actually managed to recreate, afford, or DIY (even if Summer, mother of two angels, swears it's easy as cherry pie).

The chance to move is like Pinterest-browsing on crack. Suddenly, one board of bohemian-themed stuff becomes 20.

Next thing you know, your wedding in Napa Valley is all planned you just need a groom.

4. Twitter: The Struggles Of Packing

If brevity is the soul of wit, frustration is the soul of Twitter. And while the TTC, airport security, and slow walkers may get the daily brunt of Twitter pokes, nothing is quite as triggering as trying to understand why you still have so many CDs.

5. Snapchat: Adjusting To The New Routine ...

Funny snapchat say something internet

The real reason people bring their phones to the bathroom.

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