Movingstorymonday Wine glasses in your socks, plastic wrap to keep items in place, and colour-coded boxes? Ingenious and easy. Read on for more creative moving hacks.

Moving consistently ranks as one of life’s most stressful events.

There’s probably no need to tell you to use your suitcases, laundry basket, recycling bins and garbage can as “boxes.” And why mention that you should use linens and towels to wrap fragile things. You already know that. So here are some clever ideas to make your move easier:

  1. A one-stop-box

The first night in your new place can feel overwhelming, especially when you are physically overwhelmed by boxes. Rather than rummaging through those cardboard buildings, build an overnight bag, or pack a clear bin with all the essentials you’ll need for the next 24 hours.

  1. The quickest way to pack and unpack hanging clothes

Go to your closet. Group a few hanging articles together. While still hanging, place the clothes into a drawstring garbage bag. Secure the drawstrings around the hangers’ hooks. If you know a more convenient way to pack and unpack hanging clothes (that doesn’t involve getting someone else to do it for you), tweet us @TorontoStoreys — and while you’re at it, tweet the world. Everyone would like to know.

  1. Wine ‘n’ socks

Put your stemware in your footwear — socks that is. Sure wine goes with cheese, but not old-cheese-smelling socks. So just make sure they’re clean. (We’re talking to you, bachelors.)

Alternatively, your neighbourhood LCBO may have wine boxes you can use, which are perfect for glasses of any sort (well, maybe not eyeglasses).

  1. What do towels and magazines have in common?

Both can be used to help slide your furniture easily — without ruining your flooring.

  1. Holy sheet, this is a great idea

To protect your mattress, put a fitted sheet on both sides before it’s loaded into the truck.

  1. That’s a wrap!

Sure, resealable bags can steal plastic wrap’s thunder, but plastic wrap is the bomb when it comes to moving.

For instance, leave all your cutlery and utensils in their organizers, then simply wrap each organizer tightly in plastic wrap. You can also keep clothes or whathaveyou in your drawers, then secure drawers with plastic wrap as well (industrial strength would be even better).

And to prevent toiletries or liquids from spilling or leaking, remove the lid, put plastic wrap directly over the opening, then replace the lid. Your move, resealable bags.

  1. You can save your expensive makeup for mere pennies

Want to prevent your powder, eyeshadow, blush or anything in a compact from breaking? Simply place a cotton ball in your compact to prevent breakage.

(You may also want to do this for the makeup in your purse. Considering the money it could save you, you can use that money to buy more makeup, right?)

  1. Electronics are a snap

These days electronics have so many inputs and outputs that you can forget where to put what. Snap a photo of your TV and other devices to remember which wires go where.

  1. Think outside the boxes

Here are a few tips to keep those boxes more organized:

  • Label boxes on the sides — the sides are more likely to be exposed than the tops during the move.
  • Colour code and number the boxes for each room. And if you really want to be a superstar, put an extra few minutes into making a list of contents for each box. This can save you many minutes later.
  • Pack plates vertically, like records, and instead of searching for paper or newspaper, you can separate each plate and prevent breakage with a Styrofoam plate.
  • Cut holes in the sides of the boxes to use as handles.
  1. A donation pile can also be a little pile of money

Now’s the time to get rid of all those shoes and clothes you bought because you loved them, but have yet to wear them. You know, the same shoes and clothes you haven’t worn for at least a year? But don’t waste! Donate! And don’t forget, only registered charities can give you that tax receipt for your refundable tax credit.

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