In today’s climate, sustainability isn’t just a nice idea or a marketing ploy – especially when it comes to the residential developments of the future.

Today, it’s a must-have, as we look to the future of daily life in both urban landscapes, and outside of city borders. This means that the real estate developers who aren’t fully on board are already behind, as sustainable solutions become major selling features for today’s buyer.

And this goes well beyond providing bike racks (appreciated, but a given these days).

Liberty Development Corporation, a celebrated Greater Toronto Area (GTA) full-service real estate development company, is leading the way on the sustainability front in the designs of their communities. In fact, the company is known for its green building development principles and technologies. Not only are their design-forward developments packed with all the modern amenities one could desire — while being recognized for their particularly functional (and easy on the eyes) suites — but Liberty Development also pursues green initiatives and uses various energy efficient technologies.

Think: water conservation, a reduction of daily-life energy use, and utilizing green-roof technology.

Liberty Development is considering everything, from energy efficient lighting and appliances to reduce energy consumption, to low E-coats on windows, reduced flow aerators, and – perhaps the star of the sustainability show at many developments – impressive green roofs that better the quality of life for residents (at least in the warmer months) as well as help the environment.

Green roof at Centro Square Condos by Liberty Development

All these things add up to make a major difference when it comes to reducing the carbon footprint of Liberty Development's communities.

For example, reduced flow aerators on kitchen and bathroom faucets, and on shower heads, can reduce water consumption by as much as 50% — and reduce the energy costs that come from heating the water. Low-E coatings and tinted glazing on the windows support in reducing heat from the sun's rays, and therefore help contain air conditioning usage.

With individual suite metering, residents can ensure they’re playing their individual role by monitoring their own electric energy consumption, and make informed choices about electricity use (and, perhaps, compare notes with their neighbours). Adding to the convenience factor in the sustainability department, each unit is complete with a built-in, multi-stream waste disposal, making it incredibly simple to recycle and properly dispose of household waste (giving you no excuse not to, frankly).

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Liberty Development projects shine on the sustainability front in terms of their design elements, but also in their strategic locations. It’s no coincidence that this developer's communities are located within close proximity to neighbourhood-enriching elements, such as parks and trails and public transit. In fact, with many of the corporation's projects, the need for a car is removed from the equation. For those who do have a car, the underground garages feature integrated CO detection, reducing the need for continuous fan energy usage in recirculating the air system.

'Lifestyle canopy' view from above (Liberty Development)

For example, the sleek and thoughtful Canopy Towers development — the second phase of which, titled Canopy Towers 2, has just launched — sits at the intersection of Hurontario Street and Eglinton Avenue, just steps from the upcoming highly anticipated Hurontario Light Rail Transit project. It’s also near Huron Heights Park, Parkway Belt Dog Park, and Kariya Park, all within 2.5 kilometres away. So, there are no shortage of ways that the family – including the dog – can enjoy a local fresh air fix. And when residents return home at the end of the day, they can enjoy all the sustainably-minded features of their abode.

It is initiatives like these that have resulted in numerous awards nominations that recognize the company’s commitment to protecting the environment and sustainability. Liberty Development Corporation was a BILD finalist in 2008, 2010, and 2011 as Green Builder of the Year. Staying ahead of the game, Liberty Development projects seek to meet or exceed Provincial sustainability targets, in several planning categories across the board.

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Lucky for those seeking to make a home for themselves at a Liberty Developments community, Canopy Towers 2 has officially launched. Complete with gorgeous architecture, impressive amenities, spacious suites, and a deep connection to the surrounding community, this condominium checks every box.

And with suites beginning at $389,900, the value simply can't be matched.

To register for Canopy Towers 2, click here.


This article was produced in partnership with STOREYS Custom Studio.

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