The always controversial Kanye West tried to take a stab at homegrown rapper Drake early this morning by posting a Google Maps screen shot of Drake’s Toronto address on Instagram. 

But it looks like the joke is on Kanye; Drake’s address is pretty much common knowledge to those of us living in the -- wait for it -- 6ix. In fact, as of this morning you could even find it on Google Maps as "Drake's House."

Drakes house google mapsGoogle Maps

Drake himself has spoken publicly about the pricy property, which sits in Toronto’s mansion-filled Bridle Path neighbourhood -- one that's no stranger to famous residents. Point is, it doesn’t take a detective to figure out where it is. It takes a single Google search.

Perhaps it’s more difficult to geographically pinpoint the lavish homes of celebs south of the border for a variety of reasons -- but safety does not seem to be one of Drake's worries in Toronto.

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While we aren’t ones to keep up with the latest celeb feud -- and this one’s been alive and well for a while -- we can’t help but laugh at this one. 

Drake is laughing too. He took to Instagram to share a story of him laughing in response to the address “leak.”

If not entertaining, it’s a lesson in doing your research before taking a swipe at someone. 

As for Kanye, he’s since deleted the post – and pretty much every other pre-existing post on his Instagram as well. 

Cover photo by Architectural Digest via @champagnepapi/Instagram