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Toronto Pearson Airport To See Billions Of Dollars In Upgrades

Canada’s largest airport, Toronto Pearson, is getting a little work done thanks to a Long-Term Investment in Facilities and Terminals (LIFT) initiative.​

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This $30M BC Ranch Is One Of The Most Expensive Recreational Properties in Canada

Described in the listing as “rare art,” the sprawling property is unlike any other on the picture-perfect Shuswap Lake in BC, if not unlike any other in the entire country.

Development Projects

Why First-Time Buyers Shouldn’t Get Too 'Fixed' On 30-Year Mortgages

The Canadian government will allow 30-year amortization periods on insured mortgages for first-time homebuyers purchasing newly-built homes.​


Ford Government Zeroes In On 'Red Tape' In Sweeping New Housing Legislation

Today, the Ontario government doubled down even further on its relentless mission to speed up government processes and build homes faster.


Pace Of Housing Construction Must Double In Canada To Meet Future Growth: RBC

In a frank, and subsequently disheartening, report, RBC's Robert Hogue outlines seven major factors that must be considered if the country is serious about tackling its housing crisis.

Real Estate News

No Regrets: Vast Majority Of Canadian Homeowners Don't Have Buyer's Remorse

Canadian homeowners don’t have buyer’s remorse when it comes to the roof over their heads with more than 75% who have purchased a home since 2019 saying they don’t regret the decision at all.


Toronto Is The Laboratory: TMU Launches 'Revolutionary' PhD In Architecture

Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) is taking what it calls a “revolutionary” approach to architecture, announcing a new, forward-thinking PhD program at its Department of Architectural Science.


Ontario Will Amend Building Code To Allow Mass Timber Buildings Up To 18 Storeys

Currently, encapsulated mass timber buildings are permitted to be up to 12 storeys tall, something the province intends to amend in the provincial building code.

Urban Living

Toronto Waterfront Park To Get Interactive 'Destination' Art Piece

Sherbourne Common waterfront park will soon see a large-scale, conversation-provoking piece of art arrive.


Canadian Housing Starts Expected To Decline In 2024

Despite a desperate need for housing supply, we won’t see a notable uptick in housing starts this year.