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Here's the story ... of the Brady Bunch house ...

Recently, Toronto Storeys told you how the iconic TV home hit the market listed at $1.885 million (U.S.). There were even rumblings of it potentially being torn down by developers.

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And, as can only happen in Hollywood, the story becomes far more Hollywood-esque.

NSYNC's Lance Bass wanted the house really badly. Bass bid nearly $3 million. But, in the end, HGTV offered more. Just how much more, no one knows. But, the story is about to get even more Hollywood ...

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HGTV has grand plans to "restore the 'Brady Bunch' home to its 1970s glory as only HGTV can," says David Zaslav, the CEO of its parent company Discovery.

Sounds great. But what does it mean?

The Current House

Thanks to the magic of editting, the beloved Brady Bunch house on TV wasn’t actually the house HGTV bought. The actors shot on constructed sets, while the exterior of the house was used as establishing shots.

So, HGTV will have to do a full renovation based on a house that never actually existed.

The Exterior

This is what the house looked like on the show …

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And here’s how it looks today ...

brady bunch (Photo courtesy of

Luckily, it looks like the colour has just been refreshed and some stonework added in. Surely, the producers of the show can get the outside looking iconic again in no time.

Wood, Wood, and More Wood.

2872364eb7cd6ca462275be787df0c27w c0xd w685 h860 q80 (Photo courtesy of CBS/YouTube)

When you think of the '70s, you think of wood panelling, and that’s just what the Brady Bunch home is going to need to get back to the classic vibe.

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Currently, the interior is far too '80s for the Brady family’s taste.

Orange You Forgetting The Kitchen?

147f41a6372a4a7638aee1a21deac679w c0xd w685 h860 q80 (Photo courtesy of CBS/YouTube)

The Brady Bunch kitchen was orange. Very orange.

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That’s going to have to come back if HGTV is hoping to capture the true style of our favourite blended-family home.

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Unfortunately, the current kitchen is very NOT orange with pine cupboards. (What were they thinking?)

Removing A Lot Of Wallpaper

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Maybe this is a good change? All the pink toile in the current house is a little more Pretty in Pink than Brady Bunch.

Hollywood, Hollywood, And More Hollywood

And just when you thought the Hollywood story was over ...

Well, it may not be over for Lance Bass, despite losing out on the home to HGTV. There's now talk of getting the boy-bander involved in the renovations. Since he already flips home and has hosted TV shows, this could be a win-win for everyone involved.

After the remodel and the TV show wraps, it's also reported that HGTV will sell the house: Several hotels already want to buy the home and make it an off-site guest suite. Resale could land the TV company somewhere between $4 and $6 million.

So really, in the end, everyone involved in this project may live happily ever after. And what's more Hollywood than that?