While local, provincial, and federal governments continue to respond to the spike in COVID-19 cases, assessment centres continue to open across the province to accommodate the influx of patients.

There are currently 72 COVID-19 assessment centres now operating across the province, facilitating assessment and testing for Ontario residents as they get through this challenging time.


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  • The assessment centres are intended to ease pressures on hospital emergency departments and have opened in areas experiencing significant growth in testing. And, according to the province, these centres are located in dedicated spaces that will facilitate high-quality care, to protect broader patient populations.

    Due to how rapidly the virus is progressing and evidence of community spreading of COVID-19 in Toronto, the assessment centers in the Toronto region have now shifted their focus to people who are at risk of transmitting COVID-19 to large groups of people.

    Everyone else, even those with mild symptoms who have returned from travel, do not need testing unless they get sick enough to go to an emergency department.

    To make things easier for those who believe they are a high risk of spreading the virus, we've mapped out every current COVID-19 assessment centre in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). But please keep in mind: the ministry of health is asking residents not to visit an assessment centre unless they have been referred by a health care professional.

    The map details each assessment centre that's been announced by a public health unit in the GTA. As more assessment centres are announced we will update the map accordingly.

    If there are any assessment centres we missed, email us at info@storeys.com and we'll update the map accordingly. 

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