Free root beer? Just in time for the Toronto heatwave? Yes, please.

By now, you should know if it's free we'll find it for you. Look, we know rent is high. We know mortgage payments can be steep. We ALL know Toronto is expensive.

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But, what many people don't realize, is that Toronto has so many free and fun and wonderful things available to you. That's why every week we find at least 10 free things for you to do.

Take this weekend for example: "10 Free Things To Do In Toronto This Weekend."

Now, to get your free root beer, all you have to do is walk into any A&W location in Toronto, on Saturday, July 14, (or anywhere across Canada, but depending where you are that could entail a lot of walking ...) and get your free root beer.

You do not have to buy anything. No purchase is necessary. Just enjoy your cold, frothy, free root beer.

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