It’s finally here; a sprawling world of serenity and rejuvenation now awaits less than an hour from Toronto. 

After years (and years) of anticipation and delays, Groupe Nordik’s third spa, Thermëa Spa Village, has officially opened its wellness-filled doors in Whitby, Ontario.

Over a decade in the making, the best-in-class, year-round spa village represents the largest spa investment ever made in Canada. The 300,000-sq.ft Thermëa Spa Village joins its celebrated counterparts Nordik Spa-Nature (Chelsea, Quebec) and Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature (Winnipeg) and is the first under Groupe Nordik’s new Thermëa spa village banner. 

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Because the opening of the Thermëa Spa Village -- which officially began welcoming guests today -- was infamously delayed for years, its materialization is of particular cause for celebration for both wellness seekers and the local community. 

“Today is an exciting day for all our team and the people who worked on this project, as we can finally open our doors to our guests that patiently waited and encouraged us during this challenging time,” Jennifer Harris, Director of Communications Marketing at Groupe Nordik, told STOREYS.

And it was certainly a challenging time. “The last few years have been filled with events beyond our control,” says Harris. “Among them were a major pipe break and a severe windstorm that led to extensive damage to our structures and delayed our construction schedule. Materials became harder to obtain. There are also lengthy processes involved in obtaining permits and approvals for a facility of this type, including inspections at every stage, environmental reviews, staff training, shortage of materials, etc. Through it all, we made the easy decision to protect our crew’s health and safety.” 

Harris says there’s one thing learned during the difficult times: quality is front and centre, despite the challenges.  “Quality is sourcing the best materials so that seasoned tradespeople can turn them into beautiful buildings, furniture, and installations,” says Harris. “Quality is finding the best local ingredients and transforming them into innovative dishes. And quality is people: quality always comes down to people. Despite some setbacks, this project is actually very lucky; it had the right people backing it from the beginning, people who had a vision and didn’t stop pushing until it came to life.”

And it’s finally alive in all of its sauna, pool, sauna, and spa treatment-filled glory. If you didn't have a reason to venture to Whitby before, this is the only one you need.

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The spa offers a wide selection of experiences dedicated to the well-being of the mind and body, and boasts an internationally inspired thermotherapy experience that was specifically created for the Canadian environment. 

One of the stars of the show at the state-of-the-art facility is Källa, the largest saltwater floatation pool in North America. Other notable highlights include an iconic log cabin designed sauna, Loggä, the largest event sauna in Canada with a one-of-a-kind amphitheatre interior design. 

While disconnecting at the spa is a must, the village itself is future-forward and incorporates innovative technology in collaboration with an international team of experts. This includes Fläm, a proprietary duo-energy driven sauna, as well as Kello, a sauna with a unique auto-infusion technology. The iconic water tower also brings guests an innovative cold plunge experience, merging experiential with wellness.

“The craftsmen on our team took time to carefully create such unique touches, to elevate the total experience of the village,” says Martin Paquette, CEO and co-founder of Groupe Nordik. “We crafted a unique Canadian experience inspired from around the world, an immersive experience unlike  any other. We wanted our guests to see, taste, feel the finest in wellness. We are eager for our guests to come enjoy the hard work and passion that went  into building our spa village.”

In addition to the selection of saunas, the village offers two steam rooms, seven baths, and multiple rest areas. Guests can choose from a large variety of body care and massage treatments, as well as the Rhassoul clay treatment, a new addition inspired by Middle Eastern traditions created specifically for the Whitby location. 

“As craftsmen, we focus on innovation by putting our customers’ experience first,” says Antoine Lagarec, the spa’s Design Manager. “With key learning from our other spas, every detail of the site has been carefully thought out and chosen to create a unique place to feel at ease. Using hidden technologies, the guest’s journey has been tailored to minimize  their worries and engage their five senses, all with the goal of offering them a  true moment of respite.” 

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Aside from relaxing and recharging, the culinary program is also a major draw of Thermëa Spa Village. Well-respected Whitby-based chef James Piggott helms three unique restaurants -- Le Resto, Lounge, and Biergarden -- within the spa village, all of which rely heavily on local suppliers and unique local experiences. 

“One of our most crucial values as a company is our obsessive attention to detail. Everything in the village was created with intention,” says Harris. “The furniture was built by hand by our woodworking artisans, the menus were curated from a base of local, seasonal ingredients, our rituals inspired by sweat cultures around the world. We enhanced the spa experience and transformed it into a wellness village that brings nature, technology, and relaxation together in perfect harmony. A haven to escape both the routine and modernity. It’s the perfect place to rest, reconnect and recharge.” 

Speaking of local, the spa now employs a staff of nearly two hundred, made up of people from across Whitby, Durham, or further afield in the GTA. “We will grow together as a village and continue to improve on the incredible space we get to work at every day,” says Harris. “We have plans for future installations, new wellness treatments, exciting rituals, and menus that change with the season. We want to keep building on the quality of this spa and keep innovating on how to keep offering our guests the best in wellness.”