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Believe It Or Not, The TTC Is Canada’s Best Public Transit System

Transit riders may disagree but, according to a new survey, Toronto is the best Canadian city for public transit in 2019 because of the TTC.

If Only This Gorgeous Ossington Condo Came Fully Furnished

The trendier the neighbourhood, the more you can expect to pay.

Toronto’s TTC Streetcar System Was A Lot Bigger In 1932 Than In 2018

When they’re running smoothly, TTC streetcars make getting around the city so easy.

This Forest Hill Home Is Unrecognizable After Minimalist Transformation

Home renovations can be pricey, but they’re worth every penny.

Jordana Hart Of I Hart Nutrition Reveals Her Relaxing Toronto Rental

Whether it’s through her totally #relatable Instagram stories about how she accidentally killed her plant or her honest takes on health and wellness, it’s easy to “heart” Jordana Hart.

The King And Queen Streetcars Will Be FREE On St. Paddy’s Day

If you’re planning on going out for St. Patrick’s Day, plan on taking the TTC.

Toronto Will Host Its First-Ever Legal Cannabis Patio Party This Summer

To celebrate the first summer since marijuana legalization, Toronto is getting its very own, completely legal, cannabis patio.

Site Seeing With Hume: 88 Scott Condos Gets Its Grade

There’s no such thing as an invisible 53-storey condo tower. But the relatively new residential structure at 88 Scott St. comes as close as any in Toronto.

Toronto’s Stigmatized Housing: Would You Buy a Home Someone Died In?

Remember that famous creepy house that went on sale in 2017?

Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day Right At One Of These Toronto Events

It’s time to break out your green gear — St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner!

10 Cheap Things To Do In Toronto This Weekend (Mar. 15-17)

Spring has sprung in Toronto, so it’s time to get outdoors and enjoy it.

Homeless Camp Beneath Gardiner Expressway Cleared By City

City of Toronto staff got to work early on Wednesday morning.

TTC Subway Closures: 8 Stations Closed On Line 1 This Weekend (Mar. 16 – 17)

Thank goodness the weather is finally getting warmer because this weekend’s TTC subway closures are going to make you want to take a walk.

Toronto Road Closures To Steer Clear Of This Weekend (Mar. 15-17)

As the weather gets warmer, the more road closures you can expect in Toronto.


Canadian Household Debt Has Slowed Considerably In The Past 36 Years

It’s no secret that rising interest rates and the mortgage stress test have slowed down residential real estate in Canada.

7 Things You’ll Need To Ditch If The Ontario Gov’t Bans Single-Use Plastic

The waste in Ontario landfills is becoming a problem, but the provincial government is offering a solution to reduce it: ban single-use plastics.

Canada’s High Debt Crisis Risk Drops Significantly

No need to panic. Canada is no longer at severe risk of a financial crisis.

Oshawa Assembly Plant Could Be The Next Hot Spot For Real Estate

General Motor’s Oshawa Assembly plant hasn’t even closed yet, but developers are already targeting the plot of land as the next real estate hot spot.

1 In 5 Canadians Will Liquidate Assets To Clear Debt This Year

When it comes to debt, the struggle is real for Canadians.


Why You Were Denied A Mortgage After Getting Pre-Approved

It’s highly recommended for buyers to take the time to get pre-approved for a mortgage before starting their search for a new home.

Real Estate Terms All First-Time Homebuyers Should Know

If you’re in the home-buying game for the first time, you might find some of the real estate lingo a little confusing.

Are Balconies In The City Worth The Trouble? Experts Weigh In

Cigarette butts. Chair throwing. With all the recent Toronto balcony drama, one might be tempted to wonder if it’s even worth signing up for a balcony these days.

Ask An Agent: Is It Better To Over Or Under Price Your Home When Listing?

Overpricing historically nets the seller less. If you overprice a property, buyers are going to compare it to others that are currently for sale and they’re not going to see the value of it.

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