Get your cameras ready -- Toronto's cherry blossoms are expected to hit peak bloom next week.

The city's Sakura trees, which produce the eye-catching cherry blossoms, are expected to be in full form at the beginning of the week of May 9. Depending on weather conditions, the peak bloom typically lasts anywhere from four to 10 days, the City says.

Anyone hoping to observe the blossoms in-person will finally be able to get up close and personal with the trees after the City decided to remove the seasonal fences surrounding the blossoms for the first time since 2019.

At the start of the pandemic, Toronto restricted access to the cherry blossoms in an attempt to prevent crowds from gathering. Then in 2020, the entirety of High Park, which is home to the popular Sakura groves, was closed to the public during peak bloom. In 2021, just the groves were fenced off. Other blossom locations around the city were similarly fenced off to prevent direct access.

In addition to the High Park groves, the blossoms can be seen at 15 other locations across the city including Trinity Bellwoods Park, Gairloch Gardens, and Centre Island. The City has no plans in place to deter possible crowds, but during peak bloom, vehicle access and parking inside High Park will be restricted, with the exception of TTC Wheel-Trans Vehicles. The High Park Nature Centre offers an online map of all cherry blossom locations in High Park.

“This is a special time of year for High Park and all of Toronto to enjoy the cherry blossoms," said Councillor Gord Perks. "Please take care to stay on paved trails, don’t climb the trees and use bins for litter so that the park can continue to be enjoyed throughout the year and for future years.”

Anyone wanting to view the blossoms from home will be able to do so thanks to the Bloom Cam, providing 24/7 online footage of the High Park blossoms. The camera was set up during the pandemic to allow people to watch the trees from home, which, according to the City, attracted 125,000 unique views in 2020. Thanks to its sustained popularity in 2021, the City will continue to operate the Bloom Cam this year as well.