Toronto rent is the most expensive rent in all of Canada. So, we all know the Toronto housing rental market is out of whack. But how bad is it really compared to other cities? Let's say the 25 biggest U.S. cities?

The answer: pretty bad.

The average monthly rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Toronto is $2,820, according to September 2018 data from

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That’s higher than the average for a two-bedroom in most U.S. cities, according to a recent survey from SmartAsset. In fact, were Toronto an American city, it would place in America's top-10 most expensive rental cities. 

At least our rent is less expensive than rent in San Francisco — the current poster child for a dangerously stratified society and out of control housing market.

In policy terms, affordable housing costs are generally considered to be no more than 30 per cent of pre-tax income. So a Torontonian would have to earn a little more than $101,520 annually to comfortably afford a two-bedroom apartment.

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In 2015, the median household income in Toronto was $65,829, according to the census

It's no wonder stories like this are cropping up about the lack of affordability pushing people out of the city. It's not just the high rent, it's how that number stacks up to a person's income that starts to tell the whole story.

On that front, Toronto housing was recently named the fifth least affordable relative to income by consultant Demographia.

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So while recent news might not make the U.S. look like the most appealing place to live right now, on this one metric it’s not so bad.

(That said, you can find more affordable rent right here in Ontario: in nearby Hamilton, a two-bedroom comes in at $1,370, while in Windsor it’s $950. Farther afield, in scenic St. John’s, Nfld., it’s only $840, according to Padmapper.)

Now, let's take a look at how Toronto rent and affordability compares to some of the biggest cities in the U.S.

Toronto Vs. 25  Biggest U.S. Cities:

Salary Needed To Afford The Average Two-Bedroom Rental

(American city data source: SmartAsset/Business Insider.  All values converted to CAD values at time of publishing.)


Average two-bedroom rent: $2,820Annual income needed: $101,520

25. Memphis, Tennessee

Average two-bedroom rent: $986

Annual income needed: $42,247

24. El Paso, Texas

Average two-bedroom rent: $991

Annual income needed: $42,467

23. Indianapolis, Indiana

Average two-bedroom rent: $1,092

Annual income needed: $46,806

22. Columbus, Ohio

Average two-bedroom rent: $1,175

Annual income needed: $50,378

21. Phoenix, Arizona

Average two-bedroom rent: $1,333

Annual income needed: $57,134

20. Jacksonville, Florida

Average two-bedroom rent: $1,356

Annual income needed: $58,124

19. San Antonio, Texas

Average two-bedroom rent: $1,391

Annual income needed: $59,607

18. Fort Worth, Texas

Average two-bedroom rent: $1,441

Annual income needed: $61,749

17. Detroit, Michigan

Average two-bedroom rent: $1,455

Annual income needed: $62,354

16. Charlotte, North Carolina

Average two-bedroom rent: $1,506

Annual income needed: $64,551

15. Houston, Texas

Average two-bedroom rent: $1,545

Annual income needed: $66,200

14. Dallas, Texas

Average two-bedroom rent: $1,697

Annual income needed: $72,737

13. Nashville, Tennessee

Average two-bedroom rent: $1,338

Annual income needed: $57,343

12. Austin, Texas

Average two-bedroom rent: $1,834

Annual income needed: $78,616

11. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Average two-bedroom rent: $2,143

Annual income needed: $91,855

10. Denver, Colorado

Average two-bedroom rent: $2,205

Annual income needed: $94,492

9. San Diego, California

Average two-bedroom rent: $2,829

Annual income needed: $121,247

8. Seattle, Washington

Average two-bedroom rent: $2,878

Annual income needed: $123,334

7. Chicago, Illinois

Average two-bedroom rent: $3,052

Annual income needed: $130,806

6. Washington, D.C.

Average two-bedroom rent: $3,239

Annual income needed: $138,827

5. Los Angeles, California

Average two-bedroom rent: $3,554

Annual income needed: $152,341

4. San Jose, California

Average two-bedroom rent: $3,689

Annual income needed: $158,110

3. Boston, Massachusetts

Average two-bedroom rent: $4,302

Annual income needed: $184,370

2. New York City, New York

Average two-bedroom rent: $4,857

Annual income needed: $208,158

1. San Francisco, California

Average two-bedroom rent: $5,617

Annual income needed: $240,736