Winter is coming, and with it draws near the angst about cold days and long nights spent in isolation. But one downtown food hub has found a way to infuse some fun into the impending chilly months, as the rooftop patio undergoes a transformation into a skating rink.

Sky Skate is being hosted by The Porch, located at 250 Adelaide Street West. Offering unmatched CN Tower views, the outdoor rink will be available to visit via pre-booked reservations as early as this Sunday, November 8.

The recreational experience is sure to be one of a kind, offering visitors the chance to slip on their skates and swirl around on an all-weather, synthetic resin rink, way up above the city's busy streets.

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The Porch is known as one of the city's hottest patios to visit in the summer, so it's fitting that -- as COVID-19 continues to bring out the creative in everyone -- the venue would find a way to make themselves an inevitable cool hangout for the winter season, too. All ages will be welcome to come and skate, with adult entry costing $14.95 and the price for kids under 13 at $9.95.

Skate and helmet rental will also be available, for $14.95.

As the space is typically known for its food and drink, you can count on consumables being on deck for your enjoyment once your skate time is complete. Sky Skate Lodge "Grab & Go" options include a hot dog -- Nathan's Famous beef or veggie -- on a Martin's Potato Roll, soft pretzels, "SkyTails," popcorn, and pizza slices. Also available will be order-ahead options including a smash burger, pan pizza, crispy wings, and gravy fries.

And, yes, alcoholic bevvies will also be available for those 19+. Note that ID will be required, and you'll only be able to order a drink once you've finished up skating for the day!

Making the experience even more comfy, heaters will surround the rooftop rink. Though it's recommended, of course, that you dress warmly to fully embrace the classic Canadian winter experience. Sky Skate is being approached with a lens of health and safety; single-direction skating and physical distancing will be enforced by "referees," and masks will be required on site, save for when you're seated to dine.

Perhaps winter won't be so woeful, after all.


Where: The Porch Rooftop Patio - 250 Adelaide Street West

When: From Sunday, November 8

Reserve: Online here