At a time when Torontonians are becoming ever-more recluse, (not by choice, but by necessity,) the importance of a community-oriented environment is growing ever-more clear.

For those wondering how they can find a sense of connection in their surroundings -- be it through a morning coffee from a caffeine-purveyor who knows you by name, or spending safely-distanced time in a picturesque park -- we pose the promise of St. Clair West, and the forthcoming St. Clair Village.

That’s because St. Clair Avenue's western stretch combines the welcoming warmth of established neighbourhoods with a slower-paced, more considered lifestyle, thanks to finding itself just enough of a distance from the downtown core to remain uncomplicated by it. If COVID-19 has taught city-dwellers anything, it might be that convenience should not give way to peace and serenity of one's immediate environment.

This pocket of the city invites you to bask in both.

From Corso Italia proper through to Earlscourt, Carleton Village and the Stockyards District, walkability across the area is noteworthy. And, in terms of what each of these neighbourhood pockets have to offer, the lists go on (and on). To begin, Corso Italia -- perhaps the most established vicinity along the St. Clair West corridor -- is complete with venerated eateries (Frank's Pizza House, Cano), bakeries (Tre Mari), and a multitude of independent grocers.

If all you want is dessert, the offerings at famed gelateria La Paloma beckon, while several bakeries sling cakes and pastries all day long. Portugese tart for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Don't mind if we do. Beyond the realm of food, small-owned businesses along the strip include bridal boutiques, vintage shops, furniture and interior decor stores, salons, barbers, bike shops, and more.

Many a local shopkeeper are rooted in the neighbourhood; think: these are the types of places you walk into, to quickly discover you're greeted by name.

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North of Corso Italia, Earlscourt awaits with a strong argument for spending time outside. (Not that, these days, you're likely to need much convincing). Majorly defined by the aptly-named 12.6-hectare Earlscourt Park, the area is fit for day-long picnics, playing fetch with the dog, cooling down in the wading pool, or simply enjoying nature on a solo stroll. In colder weather or on rainy days, an indoor option for fitness and recreation is the Joseph J. Piccininni Community Centre, which offers dance, music, yoga, and more. Giovanni Caboto Rink, Pool and Tennis Courts, as its name describes, is fitted with a lifeguarded outdoor pool. In the winter, the facility's skating rink is a must-visit.

Meanwhile, Carleton Village, south of St. Clair, boasts a cozy residential area with Wadsworth Park in its centre; this is a major draw for families seeking a day in the sun. From play structures to a wading pool, a sports field, a basketball court, and an outdoor chess table, the park’s amenities are vast.

Sometimes, however, outdoor amenities don't quite cut it. Sometimes, the amenities you need are even bigger, "big-box store" bigger (read: Canadian Tire, La Vie en Rose, and Bulk Barn). On those days, lucky for St. Clair West-dwellers, the Stockyards District is just a short trek to the west. SportChek, Winners, and HomeSense await, which means whether you're in serious need of a new propane tank, slippers for your work from home lifestyle, or even just the perfect scented candle, you're saved.

Speaking of necessities (scented candles count, right?), the area boasts several schools -- Catholic, public, elementary, and high schools -- many of which offer after-school enrichment programs. For big-studiers or book-lovers, the Silverthorn branch of the Toronto Public Library is also nearby.

St. Clair Gardens BIA

It doesn't take long to realize, when reviewing all that the area surrounding St. Clair Avenue west has to offer, this charming pocket of the city really does have it all. Well... "it all," save for sky-high buildings, the CN Tower, and the Rogers Centre, that is. For the days when those downtown-only draws are calling your name, easy access to the 512 streetcar makes getting into the core a breeze. Cyclists, too, will benefit from the bike lanes that run along Rogers and Davenport roads, which are north and south of St. Clair, respectively, (and are significantly less bustling with vehicles.)

At this point, it's likely you're hooked on the idea of St. Clair West. But how, you might ask, can you lay down roots in the area? The answer lies in an up-and-coming development. Landing soon in the space between Corso Italia, Earlscourt, Carleton Village, and Northcliffe Village,St. Clair Village is bringing urban abodes to one of the city's coziest areas.

Talk about a perfect place to settle down.


With three- and four-bedroom offerings available, ranging from 3,005 to 3,040 square-feet, each of the St. Clair Village builds promises stylish, contemporary features and finishes. What's more, these builds are providing one special detail that many places popping up in the city aren't: vibrant backyards and expansive terraces.

With construction launching this fall and move-in dates projected for before the end of 2021, those keen on making a move towards private outdoor access aplenty, in the centre of an area where community-oriented charm sparkles on every corner, won't have to wait very long at all.


To find out more about St. Clair Village and to register click here.

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