It's hard not to get caught up in the holiday excitement when Pinterest and Instagram are littered with simple holiday decor ideas that you'd love to incorporate into your space.

But, if you live in a small home or condo, it's easy to overdo it and extremely difficult to find the space.

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That doesn't mean you have to hold back on giving your small space winter vibes. Just remember to work with your space instead of trying to compete with it.

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Traditional evergreen trees, whether real or fake, take up a lot of space. Instead of cramming one into your unit, consider something that can fit on a tabletop, or one that uses up some of your ample vertical space.

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Below, we rounded 8 simple holiday decor ideas for small homes. These Instagram solutions will have you dreaming of a white Christmas in no time!

Got a massive support column blocking the spot where you'd want to put up a tree? Throw a festive garland around it and attach all of your favourite ornaments for a cute Christmas display.

No fireplace, no problem! Hang your stockings by the balcony so Santa has easy access.

Who says Christmas decorations need to be contained to the living room? Everyone knows the heart of the home is the kitchen, so give your kitchen a festive refresh by hanging some adorable wreaths on your cabinets.

You don't need garland and mistletoe to show off your holiday cheer. This Christmas countdown would look great on any chalk surface in your small space.

For some, Christmas just isn't Christmas without a tree, but some condos don't allow real trees and finding the space for one is often a challenge. The solution is simple, pick up some twigs, add them to a tall glass vase and then decorate with lights and baubles.

How fun is this? Using a bicycle tire and some festive greenery, you can make a wreath that shows off your love of the holidays and your hobby. Just don't hang the wreath on your door unless your building gives it the okay.

Another fun way to save space while putting up a tree is to simply look for smaller trees. We love this Whoville inspired Christmas tree, and the best part is it fits nicely on a small table!

Better yet, keep the Grinch tree and add this wall tree, because what the heck you only get to deck the halls once a year, right?