Toronto Property Tax Hikes Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash.

As the City of Toronto looks to balance its $14 billion budget, property tax hikes could be in the cards.

City staff recently released their recommendations for making up the $79 million required in savings.

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In addition to proposing a 1.8 per cent property tax increase—including a 2.55 per cent increase for residential homes— the city is also suggesting a 3 per cent water rate increase and 2.2 per cent increase in garbage collection fees.

In 2018, city council approved a 2.1 per cent hike resulting in the average homeowner paying an additional $81 in property taxes last year.

City workers have also suggested phasing out the rebate program that encourages residents to use smaller bins with the goal of reducing household waste.

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If approved, these changes could add more than $100 to the average property tax bill. Water costs will also increase close to $30 while garbage collection would rise to over $70.

The proposed hikes come just a week after the TTC announced their own fare hike of 10 cents per ride for Presto and token users.

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According to the CBC, some councillors feel the proposed budget is lacking. Councillor Gord Perks pointed out that the changes will have little impact on the $79 million hole that needs to be filled.

Input from the councillors and public is encouraged and expected before the budget is approved in March.

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