UPDATE: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has confirmed Canadians will be able to buy and consume recreational marijuana on Oct. 17, 2018.

Canadians will be able to buy and smoke recreational marijuana as soon as September.

It is landmark legislation: Canadian lawmakers have approved The Cannabis Act, making it legal for adults to buy and consume marijuana across the country.

On Tuesday, the Canadian Senate approved the Act. This means you can grow up to four plants at home.

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The federal government can also give producers licences to grow and sell marijuana seeds and products.

The law will only adults over 18 to buy or use recreational marijuana. You can possess up to an ounce. It is possible however that provincial governments could create stricter legislation for consumption and sales.

It will take longer for edibles to become legal. You can buy those after about a year to allow the Trudeau government time to regulate the products.

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It's expected the law will take full effect within eight to 12 weeks. This allows local areas to prepare the marketplace and regulations. The final decision of when the Act goes into effect will be made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his cabinet.

Canada and Uruguay are now the only two countries in the world to legalize recreational marijuana nationwide.

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